Finding Bridal Shower Decorations

Once you have a plan for the bridal shower, you’ll need to collect bridal shower decorations in preparation for the big day. Whether you have a small or large budget, adding a personal touch will always make the bridal shower extra special. Search your home for the perfect bridal shower decorations, as well as some less conventional places.

Scouring Local Shops for Bridal Shower Decorations

There’s nothing wrong with going to a party store and searching in the bridal aisle for suitable bridal shower decorations, but there are other options that can contain the jackpot of bridal shower decorations. For example, don’t overlook local antique shops and thrift stores for bridal shower decorations that include vintage dishes, cups, platters and vases. Depending on where you live, shopping in an antique or thrift store can often translate to big savings and give you bridal shower decorations that you’ll actually reuse.

Antique and thrift shops are also great places to find any type of tablecloth, ranging from elegant and vintage to funky patterns. If you need to cover more than one table and you’re planning a modern, casual bridal shower, choose a set of different tablecloths that go well together, but will give your bridal shower a distinctly hip vibe. You will likely find vintage cake stands and platters that cost very little, but will make a big impact on the table. Just make sure any patterned dishes won’t compete with the table linens you choose.

If you already plan to use a simple white tablecloth, consider choosing an array of antique plates in various floral patterns for that eclectic vibe that the bride loves. Guests will enjoy comparing the patterns as they eat, and you’ll end up with some chic dishes.

Scouring the Web for the Perfect Bridal Shower Decorations

Many stores have an online presence and specialize in all decorations bridal, including fabulous selections for bridal showers. Many online stores group decorations by theme, ranging from traditional to modern, as well as all the tropical, kitchen, and “girls night out” themes in between. Perusing the selections by theme can offer great ideas you might not have imagined.

From specialized online stores, you could purchase bridal shower banners, centerpieces, and even “bride to be” napkins. Put an elegant touch on the bridal shower by buying freeze-dried flower petals that you can have personalized. To add a modern flair, buy colorful paper lanterns for outdoor bridal showers (there’s no need to worry about lighting them for a daytime event, so just string them up for thrifty yet eye-catching decorations).

Finding the perfect bridal shower decorations is easy, whether you have plenty of time to shop around or need to find everything in one place in a hurry.

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