Fairytale Romance Wedding

Weddings conjure up many images of romance. Fairytale carriage rides, slow dances in the moonlight, and so many other romantic moments not only put us in the mood for love but can also be incorporated into the elements of our wedding.

Fairytale Romance Invitations

When you think of fairytales, you probably think of the Disney cartoons with the beautiful damsel being whisked away by her handsome prince to live happily ever after. If that’s the feeling you want to capture in your wedding, then you might choose the Horse and Carriage Invitations.

Of course, fairytale romances don’t mean the same things for all of us. For some, that image might be as romantic as the innocence of a first kiss portrayed in the Kissy Kissy invitations. Others might think of romance as an elegant dance as a couple so you might want to convey that to your guests with the Dance Date invitations.

Remember the important thing is that the invitations capture your idea of romance and love.

Other Ways to Incorporate the Fairytale

You can also work in other elements of fairytale romance into your wedding. A destination wedding, for example, is quite romantic. Consider finding a castle, Southern plantation, historic home, or estate that can be rented for weddings. Old beautiful buildings like these are synonymous with romance. They’ll also make you both feel like royalty.

If you already have a local location chosen, then find other ways to make yourself feel like you’re in the center of a fairytale come to life. You can choose to have a very formal wedding with black tie attire, including a princess-style wedding gown. For wedding transportation, you could have a horse drawn carriage. As an additional effect, you could have a dove release when you emerge from the carriage at the reception site.

Of course, you might find that romance isn’t something that can be easily shared with a crowd, even a crowd of well-wishers. In that case, you might choose to run off alone together and elope in some special location. Just the two of you can be there for the ceremony and you can spend the weekend alone just enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company. When you return, you can throw a huge party and invite everyone to celebrate your wedding.

No matter how you view romance there’s no better time than your wedding day to bring that view to life.

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