Wedding Cake on Your Wedding Invitations

When we dream of our wedding day, we all picture certain special items. For some, it’s a gorgeous wedding gown that makes us feel like a princess as we walk down the aisle. For others, it’s a breathtaking location for the exchanging of the vows. For another group, it’s the wedding cake that stands as the focus of the reception which brides have been dreaming about.

If you would fall into that category, then why not put that beautiful cake on the front of your wedding invitations.

Wedding Cake Invitations

Most brides and grooms wouldn’t think of the wedding cake as being a central feature of their wedding, but the cake really is the center of your reception. You want a cake that fits the tone of your wedding and that matches your wedding’s theme. You also want a cake that will astound your guests and that will taste as amazing as it looks. Because it’s so important, it makes sense to celebrate it by placing it as the focus of your wedding invitations.

Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Whether you want to have a wedding cake on your invitations or not, you do probably want to make sure you buy the perfect cake for your special day. The first question you need to ask is where to have your cake prepared. Many caterers will do the job for you, as will the majority of reception halls. The problem is if they don’t specialize in wedding cakes, then you may not get the quality you want.

A better choice is to choose an independent baker. You’ll probably end up spending a little less, plus you’ll have more choices in most cases. Before you decide on a baker, you should devote a few days to taste testing. Remember to spread out these excursions or else you’re likely to feel a little ill afterward because you could end up tasting dozens of cakes at each baker. Be sure to call ahead and make arrangements for your visit.

If you’re really on a tight budget, then you should forgo the beautiful and edible wedding cake. Instead, have a Styrofoam version of your wedding cake created for display. Have the cake rolled out of the reception hall for cutting (or have one tier be made of actual cake if you want to do the cake cutting for your guests) and serve guests a scrumptious but much cheaper sheet cake.

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