Beach Wedding Invitations for the Western Wedding Theme

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event (if all goes well, that is), so why not mix it up and get creative? Make your wedding a spectacular affair. This special occasion should be unforgettable; you are unique, so your wedding should express that– no two couples are alike after all. Think about bucking the trend and blending themes. If you adore the beach but your groom is more of a cowboy, mix up the two motifs– it’s the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too. Don’t be afraid to experiment. No matter what, your wedding will be an event to remember. Have fun and go with what makes you happy.

Beach Front Wedding

The sand, the sun, the cool sea breezes—what’s not to love about the beach? For a luau inspired wedding, nothing sets the theme like seaside inspired wedding invitations. Pick invites with fun nautical themes. Shapes such as shells or starfish are perfect for more casual, relaxed wedding invitations. Exotic flower prints, think plumeria or bird of paradise, and palm fronds connotate chic elegance.

Use real seashells as place card holders. Pewter ocean wine charms add a whimsical touch. Decorate with plenty of exotic flowers and hand out leis to all the guests. Other beach inspired party favors to consider are miniature beach pails with shovels inscribed with each guest’s name, beach balls, miniature silver flip-flops, shell encrusted candles, and rum cakes for a Caribbean touch.

A Touch of the West

A Western themed wedding is different and fun, but still retains the seriousness of the occasion. Couples can choose Western stationery with cowboys and horses. Décor can be as simple as loosely arranged wild flowers, or daisies in metal buckets or mason jars. Tables covered in red and white gingham and decorated with ropes and spurs, add an authentic Western feel. Food should consist of simple, hearty fare such as a barbecue or roast beef and potatoes. The wedding cake itself can be in the shape of a cowboy.

A Cowboy on the Beach?

For something special take motifs from both themes and mix them up. Perhaps you’re going to have your wedding on the beach, but want to retain a touch of the West. The bride and groom could ride in on horses. Guests could wear cowboy hats and leis. Party favors could consist of an eclectic mix of shells and wild flowers.

Or perhaps your wedding will take place on a ranch and you want to spice things up with some beach vibes. Have a luau style buffet. Instead of cowboys and horses think cowboys and surfboards.

Get creative. Mix things up. The idea is to make your wedding your own. Both themes are versatile and add a different perspective to your wedding celebration. A Western motif is relaxed yet classic; a beach wedding is romantic. Take something from each theme and create a distinctive ceremony that reflects the union of two unique people.

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