Bridal Shower Thank You Cards Sample and Etiquette

Weddings are typically prefaced by at least one bridal shower. It is a time for close female friends and family to come together and celebrate your upcoming wedding. Gifts are exchanged along with pleasantries, games are often played, and good food is eaten. You are then left with the task of writing thank you cards.

Who Should Receive a Thank You Card?

Everyone who attends your shower needs to receive a thank you card, even if that person did not give a gift. The hostess, usually the maid of honor, should receive a thank you card and a small gift, such as a framed picture or a gift basket filled with delicious goodies.

Purpose of a Thank You Card

In today’s busy world, it is still important to take time and show thanks to those who have likewise taken time out of their busy schedule to attend your shower and, most likely, bring you a gift.

Simple Etiquette Tips

It is never acceptable to send a thank you card in the form of a text message or an email. Even if your bridesmaid seems physically attached to her cell phone, she will probably not appreciate a quickly typed email or text.

Try and get your thank you cards mailed within two weeks of the shower so it doesn’t seem like an afterthought. Receiving a hastily written thank you card a month later will feel like you thought her gift and presence was unimportant. Avoid causing hurt feelings by assigning gift duty to one of your bridesmaids at the shower. This means she writes down every gift, as well as whom it was from, in a notebook. That way, when it’s time to write your thank you notes, you have a reference and won’t leave anyone out.

Avoid combining thank you notes. It is never acceptable to thank someone for her shower gift and wedding gift in the same note. Even if the wedding gift arrives early and you are in the midst of writing her a thank you note for the dishes she gave you at your shower, resist the urge to throw in a line of thanks for the wedding gift. Spending the extra time to thank her with individual notes will show that you appreciate her gesture.

Wording Ideas

There are two elements that must be included in every thank you card: thank you for coming and a specific mention of the gift you received. Once you get the format down, each card you write should take about five minutes and will not sound insincere or formulaic.

You always begin Dear [Name]. The body of your note should sound similar to:
Thank you for the lovely towel set (or tea pot or picture frame) and for coming to my shower. The color is perfect and I can’t wait to put them to use after the wedding. Your thoughtfulness (or generosity) is truly appreciated.

You may end the note using sincerely, best wishes, kind regards, love or whatever is appropriate for the person you are writing.

If you are having difficulty getting inspired, choose fun thank you cards specifically for bridal showers, perhaps with a picture of a bride or an engagement ring. Then you will demonstrate that, despite planning a wedding, you think highly enough of that person to take time to write a hand-written note of thanks.

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