Rehearsal Dinner Invitations for the Holidays Party

Having a wedding around the holidays can be a very exciting and special time. Many people that might otherwise not be around for the holidays may be in town for the wedding. To make your rehearsal dinner during this time even more special, you need rehearsal dinner invitations for the holidays party.

Christmas or Wedding?

Before you consider rehearsal dinner invitations for the holidays party, think about whether or not you really want to bring the holiday cheer into your rehearsal dinner party. There are advantages to both. You want your rehearsal dinner to be about your wedding and the people who made it possible. However, it is very tempting to include holiday giving and cheer in your rehearsal dinner, especially when there are people in town for the wedding that might not otherwise be around.

The decision of whether or not to include this aspect of the holidays into your rehearsal dinner is important. It determines who will attend the rehearsal dinner, as well as what type of rehearsal dinner invitations for the holidays party you want to order or make. Think carefully on this before making a decision. The rehearsal dinner is more about the people that helped you and showing your appreciation than about you and your big day. It is important not to upset anyone by demanding that the holidays be left out of the evening.

Careful Planning

If you are going to have rehearsal dinner invitations for the holidays party, you need to plan carefully. There will likely be more people at the dinner party than just those you would traditionally invite to the rehearsal dinner, such as aunts and uncles that live out of town and are rarely seen. Additionally, if gift giving is going to be part of the dinner party, you need to allow time for this as well. You may also consider having the dinner party in your home rather than at a restaurant if you will be exchanging any gifts at the rehearsal dinner.

It is important that you do not allow your rehearsal dinner turn into only a holiday party. Make it clear on the rehearsal dinner invitations for the holidays party that the purpose of the dinner is to celebrate the big day and give thanks to everyone who played a part in getting you down that aisle. However, allow time for everything to be taken into consideration. Start the evening off with a dinner and toasts to and from the bride and groom. Once the dinner and toasts are finished, the bride and groom typically use this time to give gifts to those in the bridal party. After this has taken place is the time to allow holiday cheer and gift giving.

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