Creating Affordable Wedding Favors

When you’re planning a wedding, you have to set aside money for every element of the planning process. From the cake to the reception hall to the preservation of the bridal bouquet, you need a separate budget. All that money can add up quickly and your supply is probably limited. One way to make those ends meet is by creating your own wedding favors.

Cheap Wedding Favors: Preliminary Steps

First, you should decide just how much you CAN spend. Be realistic about your budget. Don’t plan for $500 if you only think you’ll be able to spend $400. Next, you should divide your budget by the number of guests you are inviting. That will tell you how much you can spend per favor. With that information, you can begin to evaluate your different choices.

Second, be ready early. When you order pre-made wedding favors, you have the luxury of waiting until closer to the big day because someone else will be doing all the hard work for you. If you’re creating your own wedding favors, you should begin several weeks sooner. It’s also a good idea to enlist friends and family members who will be willing to help you – remember that’s what the bridal party is there for.

Cheap Wedding Favor Ideas

Now that we’ve talked about what you should do to get started, let’s look at some ideas you may want to consider. One idea is to stay traditional. Wedding favors, originally known as bonbonnieres, consisted of five sugared almonds. You can purchase these almonds yourself, along with some decorative bags and rolls of ribbon, then create your own very affordable wedding favors.

Another idea is to create your own candy. With a single mold that costs just a couple of dollars and a few bags of chocolate chips (to save money wait for a sale, buy generic, or buy in bulk at Sam’s Club or Costco), you could create candies or ven chocolate lollipops that would make great gifts.

For a fun wedding favor, you can purchase bottles of children’s bubbles – most cost less than $1 per bottle. Remove the wrapper or cover it with decorative material. Take out the bubble wand from inside and attach it to the bottle with a piece of ribbon. Encourage guests to blow bubbles when the couple exits the church or while they are dancing at the reception.

If none of the above ideas are right for you, just keep shopping around for ideas. Keep your mind open and be creative. Just work on sticking to your budget.

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