Spring Wedding

Spring is a popular time for weddings. Generally, the spring months are March, April, and May and if you’re planning to say “I do” during those months, you’d better start booking early. Some venues are booked for those months 12 to 15 months in advance! Despite possible scheduling conflicts, spring is one of the best times to get married, especially if you want to reflect the season in your ceremony and in your invitations.

Invitations for a Spring Wedding

When we think of spring, we think of rebirth and renewal because everything that died off during the winter is coming back to life, such as flowers. During these months, many of the most beautiful flowers will be in bloom, including roses, lilies, Gerber daises, and tulips. Why not let your invitations reflect the rebirth of these flowers?

You could choose paper that is colored in the same shades as the flowers, such as pastel pinks and purples. Or you could opt to purchase paper that contains seeds so it has an interesting look and texture. Imported paper from Japan often conveys a feeling of spring as well.

Other options might include choosing invitations decorated with flowers or shaped like flowers, particularly if you are having a particular wedding flower at your big day. You could also find a flower scent and spray the tissue paper of each invitation with that smell so when guests open your invitation they’ll immediately be immersed in the scent of spring.

Spring Wedding Planning

Of course, choosing the right invitations is only part of the planning you’ll need to accomplish for your big day. Let’s look at how spring can influence other aspects of your wedding.

For starters, you’ll need to pick a location. Spring weather is so beautiful (most of the time) that you may be tempted to have an outdoor wedding, perhaps in a park or at a botanical garden. If you’ve had your heart set on exchanging your vows under the open sky, then spring is the best season to choose. However, you need to have a back-up plan ready since spring weather can also be rainy, windy, and chilly.

Those same weather concerns should influence your choice of wedding attire, at least for the bride and her attendants. Since the temperatures are usually comfortable, you’ll be able to get away with wearing dresses that would make you sweat like a pig during June or July – that’s not a very attractive look for a bride. However, if your dress is sleeveless, you might also end up getting a chill. Look for dresses that could be worn with a wrap, if necessary.

Speaking of wedding attire, be careful about the shoes you want everyone to wear. The typical satin shoes brides purchase and dye to match the color of the dresses can be a bad choice because they can easily be ruined by a little rain. Having umbrellas ready for your wedding party might not be such a bad idea either.

At your reception, you can work in the spring theme, as well. For example, you could serve vegetables that have just come into season, including carrots or new potatoes. Another idea might be a fruit bar since so many fruits, including delicious and romantic strawberries, will be in season. Or you could have chocolate fountains surrounded by fruit which could be dipped into the sweet, flowing goodness.

For decorations, you should definitely use flowers. You could purchase silver or clear vases, then fill them with blooming spring flowers in colors that match those of your wedding. Another idea is to decorate the chairs with bows in spring colors, particularly pastels and to cover the tables in matching table cloths trimmed in lace. There’s something very spring-time about lace.

No reception is complete without entertainment. Since the weather is warmer, you could safely do dove or butterfly releases – both are beautiful. Ice sculptures are still feasible, at least in the early part of spring. They won’t melt quite as fast as they will in August. Bubble machines, outdoor dance floors, and firework displays would also be nice choices because they get your guests out of the stuffy facility into the warm, spring air. Of course, if you choose outdoor entertainment, you’ll need a Plan B in case of bad weather.

If you want to give your guests a wedding favor to help them remember your event and to thank them for coming to share in the celebration, then consider purchasing small terra cotta pots, decorating them with ribbon, and including a packet of flower seeds. Another option would be taking pieces of fruit-shaped marzipan, wrapping them in tulle, and tying the package with a thin ribbon.

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