Ideas for Amazing Pre-Wedding Parties

Most pre-wedding parties are pretty traditional and sometimes more than just a little boring, but you don’t have to limit your pre-wedding parties to only traditional affairs. Here are some interesting ideas for unique pre-wedding parties that you and your guests will enjoy.

For starters, don’t limit your wedding shower guest list to just females. Today’s pre-wedding parties can involve the bride and groom, as well as their friends from both genders. You just need to choose activities that will be appealing to everyone. For example, you could take everyone to wine tasting night at a local restaurant, compete in rounds of miniature golf, or have a buffet of gourmet or international dishes prepared that everyone can sample. Ask all the guests to bring his and her gifts or gift certificates they can use together.

If you’re having a wedding shower or engagement party, why not plan the entire event around a theme. For example, if your first blind date was to the fair, you might want to serve hot dogs, candy apples, cotton candy, and similar fair food to the guests. You could also hold the event outdoors, then rent a ferris wheel (depending on the size the rental might cost you around $2000) or carnival games. You could also have a Halloween theme with everyone dressing up like their favorite scary movie characters. Serve bowls of candy, have bobbing for apples, and use a projector to show scary movies during the whole party.

Now if you still want one of your pre-wedding parties to be all about the girls, you should do it right. First, spend your morning shopping for hours at your favorite stores. If you’re group of female friends aren’t big shoppers, then find another activity you love doing together. Next, spend the entire afternoon at a full-service spa. Treat all of your bridesmaids to a full body massage, a manicure, a facial, and everything else the location has to offer. They’ll feel and look beautiful and so will you. Top the day off with a trip to the photographer for a special photograph of you together and a wonderful dinner. It’ll be a day none of you will forget any time soon.

During those last weeks of tight schedules before the wedding, you may find it difficult to make time for your bridemaids’ lunch or other wedding party get-togethers. Save time and double the fun by combining all of these special events into a single day. You might start with a bridal party brunch – go ahead and invite the groom’s guests, too. Then have your rehearsal dinner or other celebration for dinner. Top the entire night off by splitting into two groups and enjoying separate bachelor/bachelorette parties.

If your wedding attendants are coming in from out of town and aren’t familiar with the city where you live, then use some pre-wedding time to throw them a welcoming party. Make a list of some of the best activities your city has to offer then take your attendants on the grand tour. Don’t forget to make them some gift baskets full of unique memorabilia, such as city-unique food and a magnet of your state.

No matter what type of pre-wedding party you need to plan, remember it’s always going to be better when you’re a little creative.

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