Family Photo Cards Etiquette: What to Write

The popularity of sending family photo cards increases every year, especially as technology helps keep prices down and creativity up.

When to Send Family Photo Cards

Family photo cards help you keep in touch in a personal way with friends and family near and far. The most popular time to send family photo cards is during holidays, particularly Christmas. There are other times when sending a family photo card is appropriate, for example to announce a family reunion, an anniversary, or a new addition to the family, as well as during Easter, Hanukkah, or Valentine’s Day.

What to Write on Family Photo Cards

Traditionally, family photo cards are comprised of a landscape postcard with the family photo on the left and a brief message and list of names on the right. In this case, an appropriate sentiment for the season and your names in the order your family appears in the photo will suffice.

Family photo cards have progressed a long way in terms of style, and if you choose to send a bi-fold card with a photo on the cover and a message on the inside, you will need to write a short message to the recipient. In this case, depending on the occasion, you should write something personal to the recipient and wish their family health and happiness. For example, if you are sending a Christmas card, you can simply write “We wish your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.”

When signing your names, traditionally the husband’s name is first, followed by the wife, then the children. Or, you can write “Love, John, Susan, and family.” If the recipients are not close friends or family, then you will want to include your last name, such as “Best Wishes from John, Susan and Joshua Smith.”

Family Photo Card Ideas

The family photo you choose to include depends on your personality. For example, if your family is casual and loves to laugh, you might choose a candid family photo where you’re all laughing because people who know you will appreciate the photo.

If you choose a family photo taken during a vacation, you could easily find a card that matches the vacation theme. For example, if you want to include your family enjoying a picnic by a lake taken during your annual camping trip, you might choose a photo card with a green background and a fun camping border with tents, marshmallows, and sleeping bags.

Parents often choose to photograph just their children for the family photo card. Children will especially enjoy a fun theme, and you could dress them for a nautical theme, a rainbow theme, or perhaps their favorite character. If you have little girls, you could dress them in pretty party dresses and photograph them having a tea party. For little boys, you might dress them up for a sports theme and choose cards with a football or baseball motif.

Whether the whole family is shown or just the children, recipients are guaranteed to enjoy the personal touch and the chance to see your family change each year.

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