Promote Your Business with Formal Business Announcements

Keep your clients, customers, and business associates informed about what’s new with your business by sending out formal announcements. Whether you are unveiling a new product, providing a new service, or hosting a business event, formal announcements are a great way to spread the word.

Formal Appearance

Sending out formal announcements is the key to a successful marketing campaign of this type. People are constantly bombarded by advertisements in their daily life and probably end up throwing out a fistful of junk mail every day. Make your announcements stand out with their superior quality. You want to demonstrate the seriousness of your company, and the importance of the occasion that has prompted you to send out such announcements.

Prepare you announcements with the assumption that they will be seen by the top person in every business they are sent to. What does this mean? It means you want your company to be well represented by these announcements. Choose colors and a design that match the tone of the announcement being made – this will be different whether you are debuting a new line of sportswear or are revealing a technological innovation. Use quality paper and envelopes, and put some thought into the layout of the information.

A Personal Touch to Your Professional Message

To be consistent with the professional appearance you are aiming to achieve, it is important that the invitations be printed up rather than handwritten (which is good news, since you probably don’t have the time to sit down and write them all, anyway). However, if you are sending them out to specific individuals known to you, then writing in their name and a simple salutation will give them just the right personal touch. Your customers want to be remembered and to feel valued, and a small gesture such as this goes a long way toward developing that type of connection. You aim is to show that it matters to you that this person personally receives and reads your announcement.

Since announcements will be sent to people with whom you already have some sort of a business relationship, they don’t need to contain a great deal of detailed information about what your company does. They only need to contain the essential information of what’s new with your company and why you think it is important to make it public. Let’s say you are launching a new product; you must clearly state that this is reason for the announcement, as well as why you are excited about the launch, or how it is relevant to your customers and business partners. Keep the information direct and clear-cut. Be sure to include some sort of contact number or e-mail in case anyone has questions or desires further details.

Publicize and Promote

Broadcast the next big update or innovation in your business with formal announcements. They can be tailored to any type of business and any type of announcement, serving as an effective marketing tool to reach out to your business comrades and customers. Keep them formal, straightforward, and with a strong message about the exciting events underway at your company.

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