Corporate Anniversary Party

Remember the last office party you enjoyed? Thinking of a corporate party, meeting or a conference often seems to be boring, mainly because it lacks enthusiasm and energy. But you would certainly not want your corporate anniversary party to be boring at all. Like any other company function, an anniversary is a special occasion too, as the entire work force meets in a non-working environment with the intention of having fun. By far one of the best ways of making it memorable is to make it creative. It should be a class apart from all other parties that people attend, inspiring team spirit and brand loyalty.

It is a rare corporate occasion that needs to be celebrated in the best possible manner, so instead of planning and executing it on your own, hiring a corporate event planner would be a wise option. Coordinating with an event-planner will not only save time and energy, but would add charm to the occasion. You can even select a theme for the party and ask the planner to build the ambience around a particular theme. For example, you can depict in visual, the entire journey from the inauguration of your company till date. It will not only be nostalgic to the older employees, but will also inspire the newly joined staff to work with commitment. The idea can surely be yours, but it will be wise to let the event planner execute it for the following reasons:

  • A corporate event planner is generally a local business entrepreneur, so he will have the knowledge of the most suitable place that would fit the occasion as well as the number of guests.
  • They have contacts with DJs, caterers, printers of invitation cards or other stationery and professional decorators.
  • They are experienced professionals and keep a back up in place. This means that in case the DJ who was supposed to be at the venue could not make it on the day of event, the planner will arrange for the next best possible artist without spoiling the general party mood.
  • As known to all of us, planning an event is a time consuming job and it is difficult to manage a grand occasion like a corporate anniversary while working. So, an event planner frees you and enables you to have the time to decide on the design or style of invitation cards and other details.
  • The planner will manage everything from selecting the venue and sending invitations to making arrangements for decorations, booking accommodation and transportation and providing necessary directions to the guests.

A corporate party can never be complete without the tradition of exchanging gifts. This custom has been around since years, signifying appreciation and joy on the part of the presenter. Corporate gifts can be presented to colleagues, bosses or business associates on a number of occasions, especially corporate anniversaries. It helps in boosting the morale of employees. Selecting a gift has never been easier and requires a lot of thoughtfulness, no matter what the occasion. However, for a corporate anniversary, personalized gifts like clocks, desk accessories and photo- frames can be presented. Besides, flowers like roses, daffodils, dahlias are also considered as ideal corporate gifts. Moreover, with the Internet you can select the best suitable gift item from a number of choices and can offer it your seniors through the net itself.

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