Sending Business Moving Announcements During the Busy Holiday Season

Some businesses actually choose to move during the holiday season, while others have a lease expire. No matter what reasons you have for relocating during a holiday, use it to your advantage by sending business moving announcements that capitalize on the holiday and help get you more business.

Plan Ahead

The busiest holiday season is the Christmas and New Year season, followed closely by Thanksgiving. Other busy holiday seasons include Easter, 4th of July and Labor Day because people tend to travel around those holidays, as well as attend parties.

If you are planning a move during one of these holidays, planning ahead is essential. Make your list early of people who need to receive your business moving announcements, usually current and former clients and vendors. Make sure you mail the business moving announcements a month prior to the move, particularly if you are inviting recipients to attend a moving-related event at your new location.

If you do plan to host an event, whether it’s a grand opening sale, an open house with hors d’oevres and product demonstrations or a catered party, choose this date carefully. You don’t always need to host the promotional event associated with your move on the first day after your move. If you feel that the date would be inconvenient because a lot of people might have plans, choose the next closest date to your opening and a time of day when you feel that your clients would most likely be available. For instance, if your move will coincide with Easter, realizing that Spring Break also coincides with the Easter holiday might lead you to choose a date when most people will be back from vacation, helping to ensure a better turnout.

Choosing Business Moving Announcements

Let the holiday guide your business moving announcement choice and tie it in with the theme. You can also use corporate business invitations as your moving announcements. This can be done subtly because the focus should still be your business and the promotional event you’re hosting (if applicable). For example, if you’re moving during December, consider a red and green theme or green and gold for a more formal feel. This way, your business moving announcement will feel seasonally appropriate, but will still focus on the move.

If you are moving during late June or early July, consider a patriotic theme, but plan any event either before or after the 4th of July to ensure clients will be around to attend. Your holiday business moving announcements could feature a stars and stripes theme or celebratory fireworks, as long as it doesn’t take over and detract from the overall message: you’re relocating.

Finally, keep your business moving announcements holiday appropriate and business appropriate. If your business is more formal in nature, avoid business moving announcements featuring cartoon-like drawings of Santa Clause, for instance, because you could create the impression that with the move your business is changing from professional to amateur.

As long as your send your business moving announcements out with time to spare and choose themes that reflect the holiday without going overboard, you’ll likely welcome new business to your new location.

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