Keeping Up the Consistency in Wedding Stationery

As you probably already know, your wedding stationery consists of more than just your invitations. Wedding stationery refers to the invitations, reception cards, response cards, save-the-date cards, thank you cards, wedding programs, and any other printed materials, such as maps, you need for your guests. Because so many different elements are included as stationery, maintaining a consistent look in all of those pieces can be a challenge.

Consistency is important with your wedding stationery because at the end of the day weddings are all about the details. You don’t spend hours tasting cakes and looking at floral selections if you don’t care about the smallest features of your wedding. In most cases, you’re investing a fairly sizable sum of money so you can have the wedding exactly the way you want it, so that attention to detail should carry over to your stationery.

Consistency Tip: Order Everything at Once

One way you can keep your stationery consistent is by ordering everything at the same time. Technically, you don’t have to order all of the pieces together, especially since the different pieces will be used at different times. For example, you’re going to need your save the date cards long before you need your wedding programs. However, if you plan ahead and order everything at one time you can ensure that everything from the paper style to the font color will match on every piece of stationery.

In fact, one advantage of doing your own invitations is that you can more easily control consistency. For example, you could order all of the paper products you need for your stationery package far in advance, even before you have chosen a location, because you’ll be doing the printing on your own. You’ll also be able to buy all of the decorations and ink you need at one time so everything matches exactly. That’s not something you can completely control if you choose a traditional printer.

Consistency Tip: Keep Track of Everything You Use

Another way to ensure consistency is by keeping track of everything you’re ordering. Carry a small notebook and jot down the design number, font style, ink color, paper type, etc. When you return to order additional stationery items, you’ll have the specifics available and should be able to get exactly what you need if you go to the same vendor.

The issue of vendors brings up another point about staying consistent. You should stick with a single vendor for all of your wedding stationery needs. For example, you wouldn’t want to order paper from two different companies because that paper may not be exactly the same. Changing vendors to lock in better prices may save you a few pennies per invitation but it will end up costing you in terms of consistency.

Consistency Tip: Choose a Theme

Having a theme that runs throughout your entire stationery package is also a good idea. That theme may be in the colors, the accents, or the design. For example, you could have small roses printed on your wedding invitations, save the date cards, and wedding programs. Other designs would also work, such as hearts, rings, musical notes, and even animals. Keeping the design elements the same throughout your stationery package is important if you want everything to be consistently beautiful.

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