Choosing a Wedding Cake to Match Your Theme

When you’ve gone to all of the trouble of choosing a theme, creating matching invitations, decorating the reception hall and ceremony location for consistency, and everything else you’ve done to make your wedding theme stand out, you don’t want to have an ordinary wedding cake. Instead, you want to select a cake that is going to match your theme and make a great impression at your reception.

The question is how do you choose a wedding cake that will work with your theme. You can do this in a couple of ways.

One of the easiest ways is to have your cake decorated to match your wedding colors. Although wedding cakes are most commonly frosted with a white butter cream icing, that icing can be dyed almost any color of the rainbow. If your wedding colors were an elegant silver and red, for example, you could have alternating red and silver tiers or you could have red icing with silver decorations. The choice is yours.

Another idea is to have your cake decorated to match your theme. For instance, if your theme was roses, then your entire cake could be covered in sugar and icing roses. Your baker could also create other sugar creations, such as small swans, hearts, even wedding rings, to use as decorations on the cake.

If you want to stick to a traditional cake, you might want to instead choose a cake topper that fits your theme. You can find nearly any type of cake topper imaginable by shopping around or by browsing the Internet. Gothic brides might want a black raven on top of their cakes, for example.

So far all of these examples have involved standard, tiered wedding cakes. However, if you really want a themed cake, you don’t need a wedding cake with tiers. Instead, look for inspiration in the groom’s cakes that are popular at some southern wedding receptions. The groom’s cake is usually decorated to match the interests of the groom. For example, a groom who loves fishing might have a fish-shaped groom’s cake.

While you don’t necessarily need to have an unusual shape for your wedding cake, a flat sheet cake would give you more decorating surface. In fact, some bakers can even add a photograph of the two of you together to the top of your cake (this is very common with birthday cakes). A talented cake decorator could even recreate the scene of your engagement, first date, favorite movie, or more. Whatever your theme, if you have a good decorator you can see it come to life on top of your cake.

You might also choose to do something even more unique. Why not skip the idea of a wedding cake altogether and instead serve wedding cupcakes? Each cupcake can be decorated in your wedding colors or topped with candy versions of a symbol of your theme. For example, if your theme was the beach you could create candy turtles for the cupcakes or even turtle-shaped lollipops to stick into each cupcake before serving it to your guests.

The bottom line is if you’re serious about sticking to your theme, then don’t leave out your wedding cake. After all, it’s the focal point of your reception and can easily be transformed into part of your theme if you’re a little creative.

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