A Theme For Your Christmas Party

Don’t give the same old boring Christmas party this year. Give the occasion some thought and breathe some new life into your holiday party tradition.

If you’d like to change your holiday party into something new and exciting, consider changing the type of party you give. If you’ve given a dinner party every year, have a cocktail party this year. Or, if you’ve always had a casual gathering, try giving something more formal.

If you’re really ready for a change, consider a true format change. Some great formats for parties that are a little off the beaten path include:

Tree trimming party

Invite a few friends over to decorate your Christmas tree. You can make the menu as simple or as elaborate as you like. One thing I really like about giving a tree trimming party is that you can do it at almost any time of the day or night. That makes this party a great one to give if your weekend evenings are already booked during the holiday season, because it works just as well as an afternoon get together. It requires some organization, as you want to have your ornaments out and organized so that all those storage boxes aren’t in the way. Be certain that your invitations are specific enough that guests understand the party’s format. The Christmas ornament flat invitation at our web-site would make a perfect invitation for this party.

Christmas CookiesCookie exchange

This is a great cookie party exchange to have for your girlfriends, especially if all of you do a lot of entertaining at the holidays. Each guest bakes 1 dozen of their favorite cookie for each of the other guests, as well as a dozen or so for serving at the party. The cookies are packaged by the dozen to be exchanged at the party. So, each guest goes home with several dozen different cookies to use at home during the holiday season and they only had to bake one kind! This party is also a great one for afternoons. The “cookies” or “sweets” invitations at our web-site are perfect for this party.

Caroling Party

Get your friends together and go caroling! This party is great if you want to include both adults and children at the same party. Organize the event and have some song lists or music to follow. If you (or a guest) have a pickup truck, fill the bed with blankets and let everyone ride in back. Then, when the caroling is done, return to your house for hot cocoa and cookie menu. I love the “Ho, Ho, Ho,” invitation at our web-site for this party.

Charity Collection Party

This party centers on both enjoying the company of friends and collecting for your favorite charity. Choose your charity and then request donations of your guests. Charities that collect toys or used winter coats for children or canned goods for the needy are good choices for this party because friends can help regardless of their budget. I love giving this party because it combines celebrating with friends with doing something good for the community. The “Santa’s Toys” or “Santa Train” invitations is my favorite invitation for this party.

So, as you can see, there are many ways to change your holiday party into something new, fresh and interesting for both you and your guests. Just what kind of great party will you throw this year?

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