New Year’s Eve Invitations and Etiquette

New Year’s Eve inspires change in people. From weight loss to career goals, men and women from around the world commit to making the current year better than the previous one. Why not get a jump start on your New Year’s Resolutions by polishing up on your party etiquette? Even the most seasoned host and hostess can learn a thing or two about exhibiting good manners.

Party like its 1999!

No party could be complete without first selecting the right kind of invitation to announce your event. Make sure to put all important information on the front of the stationery. Your guests should know what time you’re having the party, where the get-together will be located, and what they need to bring to the event. Having a contact number listed on the cards is also a plus just in case someone gets lost and needs help finding your home or apartment.

Invitations should also clearly state what kind of party that you’re hosting. If the event is going to be dry, make sure that your guests know that early on. If you plan on having a potluck, list that information on the cards as well. It may be best to follow up with your friends and family a few days before the event to see what they plan on bringing. This will avoid duplicate casseroles and desserts and will make the evening run much smoother. Try to accommodate guests with special dietary restrictions by offering some of the foods that they might enjoy as well.

Avoid inviting exes. Whether they were married or just involved, inviting two people who have broken up is a recipe for disaster. Once the drinks start flowing, there is no telling who will do something they will live to regret in the morning.

Responsibility Spells Success

Greet everyone at the door and take their personal belongings from them and place them in a room away from all the traffic. Make sure that the holding spot is secure so that no one’s night will be ruined by missing or lost items.

Introduce your guests to one another so that they can mingle without you. You will be entirely too busy to give each person your undivided attention. Make sure that you stop by frequently to see how everyone is doing. Offer to refill glasses, take away empty plates, etc.

A responsible host or hostess looks out for his or her guests after serving them alcohol. Given that some may have a designated driver, consider the fact that not everyone makes these arrangements before having a glass or two of wine or champagne. Reserve some extra places in your home for overnight guests. Also, keep the number of a reliable cab company on hand just in case someone needs a ride home and doesn’t want to stay the night.

A truly spectacular event reflects the time and consideration put into planning it. Play your cards right and you will have a flawless New Year’s Celebration.

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