Planning a New Year’s Eve Party

Planning a New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is the party night of the year. If you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party this year, it’s certain that you want to impress your friends and create a festive evening that everyone will enjoy and remember. Here are some tips for planning a great New Year’s Eve party.

Invite your guests early

Many people have New Year’s Eve plans well before Christmas; so be sure to get on your friends’ calendars early if you want to be certain they can attend. Choose exciting invitations that will communicate the theme and style of your party and get them out well in advance.

Plan your theme and activities

Almost anything goes for a New Year’s Eve party. Your guests will be around until at least midnight, so you should have plenty of activities. If you want to make the party more about mingling, plan to start a bit later so that guests don’t run out of things to talk about. Some popular activities for New Year’s parties include:

– Karaoke; Include popular songs from the ending year

– Old Year Trivia Game; Write out trivia questions about events from the ending year, and use them throughout the night for a fun trivia game. Don’t forget the prizes!

– Guess Who’s Resolution; Each guest writes 2 or three resolutions on a piece of paper and drops them in the hat. A resolution is drawn from the hat and read out loud and guests try to guess to whom the resolution belongs.

For the end of the evening, don’t forget the noisemakers, party hats and champagne for toasts. Have a clock for counting down the last minute, or turn on one of the popular television countdowns for that last sixty seconds.

Choose a menu

Many guests like to party hop on New Year’s Eve, so I don’t recommend an extremely heavy menu, as it’s likely not to be eaten. On the other hand, people often drink a lot of alcohol, so you want to have food that can help absorb the alcohol.


Keep your Christmas decorations up for your party to avoid needing to make a lot of special preparations. Round them out with some fresh flowers and a Happy New Year sign and you should be ready to go.

Decide on a bar

You’ll need to determine what, if any, alcohol you’re serving. You could offer a full bar, just serve beer, wine and champagne, or offer sodas and mixers, allowing guests to bring their own.

Be prepared for those who drink too much

It’s entirely possible that you’ll have a few guests who’ve had too much to drink when it’s time to go home. Be prepared to call cabs or put up guests for the night. Don’t send anyone home whose sobriety you question.

New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting nights of the year. Take time to plan your party in advance and then relax and see the New Year in with a bang!

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