Planning a Successful Christmas Party

If you’re planning your first Christmas party, the task can seem somewhat overwhelming. However, with a little organization, you can have a wonderful party put together without too much effort. Here are the things you’ll need to consider:

Your Theme

What kind of party do you want to have? Do you want a formal cocktail party, or a relaxing Sunday brunch? The holidays offer plenty of opportunities to come up with a unique party idea. The holidays are a perfect time for a formal or dressy party, but casual parties work well at the holidays, too. Once you’ve decided on the theme or tone of your party, you can select the other items to fit into the overall plan.

Your Guest List

Next, you need to determine the number of guests you’ll invite and who you’ll invite. Think about the number of guests your home can reasonably accommodate for the type of party you’ve planned. For example, you can likely invite more people at a cocktail party than a dinner party since you don’t need table space for each guest at a cocktail party.

Your Invitations

Choose invitations that reflect the overall theme of your party, as well as explaining any pertinent information you need to impart to your guests. We offer a wide variety of invitations. You’re certain to find one that suits your party perfectly.

Your Menu

Your theme will dictate the style of your menu. Working within this framework, you’ll decide specific menu items and quantities. Decide if you’re making the food yourself, hiring a caterer or using a combination of foods you prepare yourself and those already prepared. Think about your bar items, too. Will you have a fully stocked bar, serve just beer and wine, or ask your guests to bring their own alcohol?


Unless you’re giving a child’s birthday party, specific party decorations are really not necessary. For an adult holiday party your Christmas decorations plus some pretty table linens and centerpieces should do the trick. I love using all my holiday and crystal serving pieces at Christmas; these add a sparkle that brightens up the table without special decorations. Consider maid service for the day before the party. It will take your mind off house cleaning and let you focus on the party details.

Take a little time to relax

There’s nothing worse than a frazzled hostess who can’t enjoy her own party. Finish with your preparations in time to take a bath and get ready at a leisurely pace before the party. Then, pour yourself a drink and get ready to greet your guests. Of course, you’ll need to periodically replenish food and drinks; but overall you should spend your evening enjoying your guests.

Holiday parties are a wonderful way to celebrate with friends. Many hostesses are intimidated by the idea of giving a holiday party. However, with a little time and preparation, your holiday party can be one that you can plan with ease and one that everyone enjoys!

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