First Birthday Invitations Celebrating a Corporate Product’s First Anniversary

If your business has a product or service that is approaching its first anniversary, consider sending “first birthday” invitations for an open house to promote the product and increase your sales.

Why Send First Birthday Invitations

Corporate anniversaries, whether celebrating the number of years you’ve been in business, the success of a new product launch, or an important client, are worth commemorating. Don’t overlook product or service related birthdays, however. For example, if you launched a product or introduced a new service in April of 2008, mark your calendar in April 2009 for a first birthday celebration.

Don’t shy away from celebrating a product or service that hasn’t done well in its inaugural year, but embrace the opportunity to promote it and act like it’s been a best seller. Customers won’t know the difference and might be willing to give it a try during your first birthday event. Also, it’s wise to include an incentive in your invitation so customers have a reason to drop by or place an order. For example, you could offer free demonstrations or consultations along with a reduced price to get people interested in the product.

First Corporate Product Birthday Invitation Ideas

If you want to inject some humor into your first birthday invitations, you could easily choose an image of a diaper-clad toddler facing a cupcake holding a single candle. Then announce that your baby (i.e. your product) is growing up so fast, and its first birthday is quickly approaching. This won’t be appropriate for every business, but a lighthearted invitation for the right product or service can project a client-friendly mood.

Your first birthday invitations could also feature a blue background with a birthday cake holding one lit candle in the center. The wording could state the name of your product and the fact that it’s turning one on Aril 5th. Then, you would proceed to invite customers to join you for the festivities and describe the incentive, location, and time of your event.

Finally, if you need to send a more formal first birthday invitation due to the nature of your business, you could choose a simple design, such as the number one centered against a navy blue background. The number could be embossed in gold or silver with a matching border for an elegant feel. You might also want to use your corporate color scheme and include your logo so recipients understand immediately that your company sent the invitation.

Using Visuals to Celebrate the 1st Birthday

Another great way to showcase your product is to create a photo invitation. Visuals can be very motivating, and an enticing photo, combined with an invitation to a sale or open house, could really bring customers through the door. If you provide a service that won’t photograph well, such as preparing taxes, a photo of your staff or the employees who perform the service, dressed professionally, could also inspire customers to give your service a try.

Whether you want to boost lackluster sales or improve a product or service that is already a success, sending creative first birthday invitations will help get the job done.

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