Business Photo Cards Etiquette: What to Write

With today’s fast-paced economy, most businesses are no longer personable. From a customer’s perspective, businesses no longer serve clients, but rather exist to inflate the bottom line. Prove your business is different by sending photo cards.

Why Choose Business Photo Cards

Any type of business, from a large corporation to a small, one-person operation, can incorporate photo cards into their business stationery. This is especially relevant to businesses that interact with clients mostly via phone and internet. Technology allows people to coexist in a virtual workplace and service clients around the world. Although this is a wonderful development, it often lacks that personal touch that corner shops and face-to-face interaction provides.

This is where sending a photo card becomes an asset. If your smiling face can’t be there in person to help your customer, then you should create a friendly photo card so your clients know whose voice is on the other end of the telephone.

Tips on Creating Business Photo Cards

There are different reasons for sending business photo cards. Perhaps you are announcing a new addition to your staff, a recent award, or a new product or service. If your company has a logo, then make sure it appears on your photo card for a cohesive look. If you’re announcing a new employee, you might send a professional photo of her and list her qualifications. If you won an award and have a photo of someone accepting it for your business, include it. Or, simply take a clear photo of the award for the announcement. Same principle for a new product or service: show it off!

If you’re sending moving announcements, you might include a photo of your new building or a group photo by your new office or store. If you are sending business invitations to an open house, a sale, or a client appreciation day, including a photo is appropriate. It could either pertain to your business or be a personal photo inviting clients to visit. If you send out business photo card invitations annually, you might include a picture from last year’s event.

Business Photo Card Etiquette

If you choose to include a photo, whether on a business announcement or invitation, there are a few guidelines to follow. First, it is essential that you maintain a professional look and style. Although photo cards are by nature more casual, this doesn’t mean you can include inappropriate photos that could deter clients instead of retain them. For example, if your law firm sends a group photo of your last after-work cocktail soiree, showing how lawyers party after a hard day of work, you might lose more than a few clients.

Text on your photo cards should be concise yet informative. Recipients should take one look and understand why you sent the photo card. Mention your company name, the occasion and a brief description, time, date, location, and contact details.

It is best to use a high-quality printer for your business photo cards, as you want to ensure that the look is professional. Before printing out the entire batch, run a few trials to ensure the layout doesn’t shift and the quality is consistent.

Business photo cards allow you to reach your customers on a personal level. As long as you follow these tips, you’ll be on your way to improved client relationships.

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