Boosting Employee Morale with Thank You Cards

As you already know, Thanksgiving is a time to think about what we’re most grateful for in the world. Most of us think of our health or our family or our financial security. However, if you’re a manager or business owner, then you also know you should be grateful for your employees, too. After all, those employees are working hard (hopefully) to help you look good and to keep the company successful. Without them, you might not have as much to be thankful for when you sit down around the turkey.

With that in mind, you might want to consider taking the time this holiday season to tell your employees thank you for a job well done. After all, when someone knows their hard work is being noticed and appreciated, it’s going to make them want to work harder and it makes them feel good about themselves.

Sending Thank You Cards to Employees

One of the easiest ways to thank employees is with a thank you card. Dozens of styles are available – some formal, some informal – and you’ll need to select the style of cards that best fit your business, your personality, and your relationship with your workers. Looking at an overview of the types of cards available may be helpful.

Before you make a choice, there are two caveats to keep in mind. First, avoid religious references in the thank you cards you select. Although you may feel strongly about your religion, you can’t know the beliefs of all of your workers. Be respectful of their beliefs just as you would want them to be respectful of yours. Second, choose thank you cards different from those you would send to vendors or clients. Your audience for these cards will be different so that should be reflected in their style.

Preparing the Thank You Cards to Improve Morale

As with any thank you cards, it’s better to do a handwritten message inside the card. If that’s not possible, then have a message printed up but at least sign each one by hand. You need that personal touch to show you are being sincere with your gratitude.

Another issue is whether to mail the cards or hand deliver them at the office. Mailing is always the best choice. For one, it’s going to have a bigger impact on the recipients if they open their mailbox and find a nice note from you thanking them for their work than if you just passed them out like checks at the end of the work day. Plus, if you don’t plan to thank all of your employees, then mailing is the only acceptable option.

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