Choosing Ornament Themed Business Christmas Cards

Christmas isn’t just a time for sending cards to family members and friends. Businesses can definitely use this time to show how greatly they appreciate the efforts of their workers, of their vendors, of their customers, and of their partners. However, individuals looking to send such cards need to keep in mind a few important tips.Ornament Themed Business Christmas Cards

Tips for Sending Business Christmas Cards

While Christmas is definitely a wonderful time for family and, of course, for gifts, it’s also a religious celebration. That can be easy to forget especially in a country where the majority of the population celebrates the holiday. However, December is also the time of other religious celebrations, such as Kwanzaa and Hanukah.  When sending Christmas cards, therefore, you want to choose images and verses which embrace all of these holidays, not just the Christian one. You don’t want to have the goodwill established by your greeting card ruined by offending someone else’s faith with a poorly chosen card.

You should also not send the same Christmas cards to your business recipients that you send to your family and friends. For the latter, you may want something more casual, something that reflects your personality, something that includes a more personal message. With business recipients, you want a high-quality card that looks elegant, sophisticated, and professional. It’s unwise to choose humorous cards or to send photo Christmas cards (unless the photo is of your business’s staff).

Business Christmas Card Ideas

Ornament Themed Business Christmas CardsBased on the suggestions above, you should already have some idea of which Christmas cards not to choose. However, I wanted to give you a few examples of what would be appropriate. The Unifractive Ornament cards are one choice. They are attractive and elegant, plus their message refrains from mentioning any one holiday by name, and the gold-lined envelopes add an expensive-looking touch. If they are a bit too formal for your business and your company’s personality, you could opt for something a little simpler, such as the Three Ornaments Holiday card. Again, the phrase “Happy Holidays” is used in the message instead of Merry Christmas.

Another excellent choice, particularly if you’re doing business with clients from all around the world, is the “Peace on Earth” cards. The gold and black image on the front creates a striking contrast that gives the cards a very high-end look, particularly when matched with their gold-lined envelopes. Plus, the image of the globes and the message of peace will be well-received by your entire Christmas card list.

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