Christmas Card Crafts Project, Do-it-yourself Christmas Cards

Do-it-yourself CardsWhen you decide to buy your Christmas cardsfrom a company you are most likely getting the pre-printed greeting along with it. This may be good for those that do not wish to personalize their greeting, but for some this simply does not work.

Many people that send Christmas cards enjoy catching their loved ones up about what has been happening in their life. They like to hand write the greeting themselves and wish that there were more room to include everything they what to say. With pre-printed Christmas cards this is not an option, so many people choose to make the cards themselves.

If this sounds out of your league or too hard a task for the busy holiday season you may be better off buying the cards from the store. You can buy from an online printer store, sometimes they have the best selection, or you can buy them from the grocery store you visit regularly. When you decide you want the greeting printed on the inside you should consider making them yourself because you cannot send pre-folded cards through the printer.

Making your own card is quite easy, and may even be fun. Some families like to make their own cards with the entire family’s help. This is especially fun if you have kids that like to draw, paint, or decorate. Decorating your Christmas cards starts with paper. You should choose the paper you want to send first. It should be cardstock and is better if it is solid. The traditional colors of red and green work well, but blue, white, gold, and silver are also great options. The paper should be about the size of half a sheet of regulation paper. When folded it will be the perfect size for an envelope.

You should use embellishments where you want them and include as many personal touches as possible. The embellishments used bring life and fun back to the card and may bring some smiles to the faces of your friends and family. You could use materials with texture to bring more life to the card, or some ribbon to make the cute card even cuter. Bows and knots are great for the center of the card, and colored ribbon will work perfectly to tie it together. Raffia is also a good option for a homier feel to the card you are sending. Whatever your tastes and preferences are make them apparent in your one of a kind Christmas card.

Sometimes it is better to use family pictures to catch your friends and family up to speed about how your family is growing up and changing. Using a family photo from the summer or the fall is great for use on a Christmas card. You can use paper or ribbon to make a frame around the picture and then glue it to your card. If you want the family to be able to keep the picture for frames and refrigerator displays you could detach the picture and send it in the middle with your signatures and well wishes.

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