Exotic-Themed Christmas Cards from Your Exotic Holiday Escape

Exotic-Themed Christmas CardsLet’s face it: the holidays are very, very cold in most parts of the United States. You’re likely to have inches of snow and ice on the roads. Temperatures are probably well below freezing. Just stepping out your front door sometimes requiring a coat, a hat, and gloves. That’s why many of us – the lucky ones – can escape all of that dreadful cold weather and retreat to a warmer, more tropical environment.

But just because you get to escape the cold that doesn’t mean you have to escape sending Christmas cards to the people you care about, especially since they won’t be with you during the holiday. In fact, you could even send cards with an exotic-theme to match the Christmas you’ll be having.

Exotic-Themed Cards

While you could have trees or boats in your exotic Christmas cards, there’s something more precious about using animal images instead. Sure, not all animals will work for your exotic-theme, but there are plenty of choices to consider. For example, you could have either a drawn flamingo or more realistic one on your Christmas cards. Nothing says exotic more than a flamingo.

If you’re not really into pink birds, then why not choose a card bearing a toucan or pelican image on the front? Both are definitely cute and certainly aren’t common symbols on most holiday cards.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to birds either. Nothing says “exotic vacation” like the ocean, so you could choose Christmas cards depicting fish or even a dolphin to send to your friends and loved ones.

Exotic-Themed Christmas Cards

Other Idea for Your Exotic-Themed Christmas Cards

If you are on vacation, why not invest in some postcards which showcase your location and send them along in your Christmas cards. Or you could take photographs of your family during the trip then send one of those photos along with each card so the people you care about back home will have a reminder of you during their own celebrations.

While sending the Christmas card by itself is nice, you could also choose small souvenirs for many of the people on your list and mail those along with the cards.

Of course, you don’t have to be away on a vacation to send any of the cards described above. If you love dolphins, for example, then you may want to send the dolphin Christmas cards to everyone you know even if you’re not going to be spending the holidays on the beach. However, if you are away for the season, remember to mail your cards even earlier to make sure your recipients receive them in time.

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