Economical Christmas Postcards for Businesses

While everyone else is buying gifts, trimming the tree, and baking the gingerbread cookies, businesses are working to drum up business. For retailers, the Christmas season is a make or break time. For other types of business, you have to compete for every precious dollar that could be spent at the shopping mall. In both cases, you need to work hard to reach potential customers but without spending too much money.

That’s where handy and affordable holiday postcards enter the picture.

Saving Money While Getting the Message Out

For effective marketing, you need to reach your audience. Direct mail has always been an important way of accomplishing that goal but flat cards and brochures can be pretty expensive to create and mail.

Using postcards is more economical for several reasons. Let’s say you are going to send a new offer to 500 customers. If you’re sending flat cards or brochures, you need to purchase 500 sheets. However, if you’re using postcards, you only need 125 because four of the cards can be printed on a single sheet then separated carefully along the perforated edges. And don’t forget the postal savings. While mailing a regular letter or brochure will cost you 41 cents, sending postcards only costs 26 cents. That’s a savings of $75 for all 500 mailings just on postage alone!

Additionally, if you choose to send out brochures, you may opt for having them created professionally because they can be tedious to make at home. However, these postcards are easy to print from the comfort of your office on most laser or inkjet printers. While you are limited in what you can say, that can work to your advantage. Your entire message can be scanned in a second before it ends up in the trash like the rest of the unsolicited mail.

Postcard Choices

Another bright side is that you can easily find holiday-themed postcards on the market. Some of my favorite choices include Holly Bunch, Presents, Greeting Berries, and Holiday Stripes.

Of course, the big question is probably how much you can save on the cards. Let’s compare. Packs of 10 sheets of postcards (enough to make 40) cost $3.99 each. Brochures, on the other hand, cost $12.95 for 100 sheets. If you’re sending messages to 500 clients, you’ll end up spending $64.75 on brochures compared to just under $50 for the same number of postcards. That may not be a huge savings but combined with what you save on postage and on the smaller envelopes it adds up.

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