Modern Business Thank You Cards

Today’s corporations still need to observe traditional etiquette rules, including sending modern business thank you cards. By choosing simple yet sophisticated business thank you cards, you can exude your traditional manners while minding your modern image.

Why Sending Modern Business Thank You Cards is Important

Business thank you cards are an inexpensive way to improve relationships with employees, employers, vendors and clients. Recognizing employee contributions with a business thank you card can increase employee morale and efficiency. You might also bring in new revenues and retain current clients, possibly increasing purchase frequency, by simply sending business thank you cards.

Why Simple Business Thank You Cards are Better

Reserve the busy floral patterns and cutesy motifs for personal thank you cards. Modern companies who choose simple business thank you cards will present a professional yet stylish image to recipients.

If, for example, you own an upscale boutique tax firm and want to send business thank you cards to high net-worth clients, then you should stay away from stationery that has a large cartoon calculator. This might send the wrong impression to high-brow clientele wanting a tax firm with a sense of professionalism, decorum, and confidentiality. A simple design, however, will assure those high-brow clients that they chose the right firm for their needs.

Simple Business Thank You Card Design Ideas

When sending a business thank you card, it is usually more appropriate to send cards with a professional appearance rather than ones with neon colors, cartoon characters or a casual thank you phrase on the front.

If your business has a color scheme in place via your website, logo or existing stationery, feel free to find thank you cards that incorporate the colors you are already associated with. For example, if you have a simple, elegant navy blue and white logo, you might choose business thank you cards featuring a navy blue cover with “Thank You” written at the bottom on a simple white stripe.

Perhaps your business isn’t associated with a particular logo or color scheme. This frees you to choose whatever business thank you card design moves you. Perhaps you own a modern furniture store and need elegant, simple, yet modern business thank you notes to send to clients who purchase furniture. You might choose a card with thick gray, tan, and burgundy horizontal stripes, and the words “Thank You” simply printed against a stripe. The muted colors plus the burgundy accent and the horizontal stripes gives this card a clean, modern feel that perfectly matches the products you sell.

Another option is to choose business thank you cards that somehow incorporate the color blue into the design. Blue is a calming, serene color, and the recipients are likely to feel peaceful when thinking of your business and are likely to return. You might choose business thank you cards featuring a deep blue striped border, with the words “Thank You” centered. Perhaps you want a twist on traditional blue and choose a trendy turquoise card with green and tan ribbons perpendicular to each other, with the words “Thank You” printed at the bottom.

Remember that the business thank you cards you choose should reflect the style and professionalism of your company to keep employees satisfied and clients returning for more.

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