Effective Business Stationery Announcing a Sale

business people clappingThe word “sale” is very important to retail and customer-oriented businesses. Any hint of a price reduction can bring new and established customers running through your doors. Take advantage of the psychology of a discount by choosing appropriate business stationery to announce your big sale.

Reasons for a Sale

It is possible to have a sale almost any day of the week for an endless variety of reasons. There is always a holiday, birthday, or store anniversary that needs to be celebrated with a sale. You can have seasonal sales, such as a spring clearance, or an autumn sale where customers watch prices fall. If you look at a pre-printed calendar, there are endless holidays, both popular and relatively unknown. They are all good reasons to advertise a sale and get people in the door. For example, you can have a Valentine’s Day sale just as well as an Earth Day sale.

If your business is moving – have a sale to celebrate. If your business is approaching the end of its fiscal year – celebrate with a sale and a better bottom-line. You might advertise a surplus sale where you need to unload an extra shipment of merchandise at great prices, or a buy one, get one sale where customers get a discount once they purchase an item at regular price. Fundamentally, if you can consistently get customers in the door with the lure of a sale, then you will never run out of reasons to have one.

business annoumentsHow to Announce a Sale in Style

Once you decide to have a sale, you need to let your customers know. You might do this by hanging signs in your store, but what about customers that haven’t visited your business for a few months or potential customers who have never visited you?

This is when you might consider sending out a sales flyer printed on special business stationery specifically for your sale. For example, you might choose eye-catching business stationery that is emblazoned with the word “sale” and arrows pointing towards the details of your discount. This type of business stationery will surely attract the attention of your customers.

You will need to include the reason for your sale on the flyer so customers know why they should come. Developing a catchy name is always helpful, as well as listing an incentive to get customers to visit. For instance, if you own a flower shop, you might tell your customers to “fall in love” with your Valentine’s Day sale and get an extra half-dozen long-stem roses with their purchase of a rose bouquet. Or, if you own an athletic store, you might tell your customers to “run over” for your giant shoe sale with brand names at a steep discount.

Whatever occasion or holiday you choose to honor with your sale, be sure that customers and potential customers are aware of it by sending creative “we’re having a sale” business stationery to get their attention and their business.

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