Baby Shower Gifts & Favors for Your Guests

A baby shower is a fun, exciting opportunity for friends and family to come together to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Whether the shower is held before or after the birth, choosing the perfect gift for the parents-to-be can be a challenge. The host of the shower can make this an easier task for shower guests by providing some gift-buying guidance. Choosing favors is another important part of shower planning that falls to the host. The right shower favor is a token to tell your guests that you appreciate their support for the growing family.

Theme Showers: Gift-Giving Simplified

Theme showers are a great idea for families who have already bought most of the things they will need for their new baby, or for those who are celebrating the birth of their second or third child. Even if they have sleepers, toys and blankets, a “Diaper Shower” is sure to be appreciated. This can be printed right on the invitations and simplifies shopping for the guests, as each person now knows exactly what Mum and Dad need for their new little one.

“Gift Card” showers are growing in popularity as an increasing number of stores offer these credit card-like swipe cards. Each guest gives a gift card, in a denomination of their choosing, for a store that sells baby items. This allows the parents to buy what they need, or to put all of the cards towards a more expensive item such as a crib or stroller.

Create a Registry to Get Just What You Need For Your Baby!

A gift registry at your favorite baby supply or department store is a great tool for parents-to-be. Guests will receive a list of the items you have chosen and can choose one they like. Select a number of items in different price ranges to accommodate you guests’ budgets. This is a great way for parents to set a theme or color scheme for their nursery; choose your style and add matching curtains, crib set, receiving blankets and more to the list.

The baby shower host should add the registry details to the shower invitations. A simple “The parents are registered at This Baby Store” added at the bottom of the invitation stationery tells guests exactly where to look for baby gifts, if they choose.

The Ten Gifts Every New Parent Needs!

When you are stuck for ideas, refer to this list for a gift any new parent is sure to love:

Receiving Blankets – Unless the new mother has a lot of time on her hands for doing laundry, she will need plenty of these cuddly blankets for swaddling her new baby.

Washcloths – She will grab a new one for each feeding or bath, so get her started with a good supply.

Diapers – Baby will be going through countless of these for the first few years! If you aren’t sure whether Mom and Dad have been stocking up, ask the shower hostess what size you should buy.

Sleepers – Warm pajamas are a must for Baby and they’re cute to boot! Choose styles with easy-snap buttons or zippers; Mom will appreciate it!

Gift Cards – These handy cards allow you to spend as much as you wish and give Mom the freedom to buy whatever she may need for her new little one.

Baby Hygiene Products – Baby shampoo, powder, oil and diaper cream are all items that new parents will need plenty of. You can even create a handy gift basket or a travel kit using trial-size items. Make sure that the products you choose are tear-free, unscented and hypoallergenic.

Books – Encourage bedtime stories and quality time with a set of children’s books or a few of your own classic favorites. Don’t forget to inscribe a message to Baby on the inside cover!

Toys – Everyone loves to give a fun gift for the baby, but there are some measures to take in selecting toys for the new baby. Loud toys can be bothersome to new parents and some can even hurt Baby’s ears. Choose soft, colorful toys for infants to stimulate and interest the baby.

Music – CDs from children’s artists or classical composers are a great gift that the whole family will enjoy.

“Care Coupons” – This is a fantastic gift from a friend on a budget. Print a few “Care Coupons” from your computer printer on baby stationery and send them to Mom in a nice card. These original cards should offer your services to take care of the baby when Mom needs a break – and she certainly will!

The Perfect Thank You for Your Guests – Favors They Will Remember

Baby shower favors need not be expensive; they are simply your way of thanking the shower guests for their time, caring and support. Tulle bags of candy, a scented candle, a travel manicure set or a sachet of Mom’s favorite potpourri are all simple but meaningful favors. To personalize your favors, print “Thank you for attending our shower” on small tags of baby stationery and attach one to each favor.

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