Warm Your Winter Birthday Party

Beat the winter blues with a red-hot birthday celebration. Grab your guests’ attention and stimulate their senses with fiery invitations that guarantee a party to melt the snow for miles around.

Seeing Red

In China, red is considered the color of happiness and prosperity, as well as good luck. In the East, red is often worn by brides, unlike South Africa, where red is worn by widows. If you are lucky enough to be married forty years, you might give or receive a ruby.

Red can also denote anger, passion and power. Red is a color that gets noticed, and it is used on stop signs or in flashing lights to signal an emergency. Wearing red can be alluring, dangerous, mysterious or cheerful depending on its hue – so choose carefully.

Red Hot, Not Blue Party

For a more casual atmosphere, infuse your party food with barbeque sauce, cherries, cranberries or whatever red food or spice inspires you. You could introduce a southwestern theme and use red chili peppers and spices with heat, such as crushed red pepper flakes or chili powder. Send birthday invitations with bouquets of chili peppers or red paper with an adobe house to set the scene.

You could host a party inspired by cherries and cranberries. There are many ways to get creative with these fruits, whether you put a cherry glaze over pork and offer cranberry, orange and pineapple salad or simply serve several desserts featuring the fruits. Your invitations could be white with pairs of cherries or feature deep red cranberry wreaths.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Send invitations with a wide stretch of red down the center, indicating a VIP party for the elite. Give your guests the royal treatment. When guests enter your party, have a red carpet runner or piece of fabric anchored down for them to walk on. Have a tuxedoed valet take their coats, even if it’s a friend or relative.

You could make this a formal affair, but request red tie, since red is the signature color for the evening. A cocktail party with hints of red, both in the food and decorations, will energize you and your guests. Offer a pomegranate martini or a cranberry punch as your signature drink.

Paint the Town Red

Invite your friends for a night out, but take it a step further by initiating a paint-the-town-red evening. Begin with deep red invitations, perhaps with silver or gold lettering, asking guests to join you for an evening out with everyone dressing in red. That way, your group will stand out and break the winter chill.

Chill Out

A great way to offset cold, dreary weather is to light a fire and serve steaming bowls of chili. You could invite guests with red invitations to a chili cook-off, asking everyone to bring a sampling of their favorite chili recipe. The winner can take home a sign cut from burgundy card stock labeling them the chili champion.

Infusing your birthday celebration with red will contradict a dreary winter with warmth and good cheer, and might even give this next year a bit of good luck.

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