Choosing Formal or Casual First Birthday Invitations

Your child’s first birthday is an extra special milestone because it marks the first anniversary of his birth and celebrates his first full year of life. Many parents want to celebrate with a casual first birthday party that is laidback and filled with party games for the kids and snacks for the adults. Other parents might choose to celebrate with a formal first birthday party to demonstrate how special this birthday is. Either way, you’ll have to decide whether formal or casual first birthday invitations will work best for your child.

Choosing Festive Formal First Birthday Invitations

Formal first birthday invitations don’t have to be stiff and adapted from formal adult birthday invitation styles. Instead, choose first birthday invitations with a formal feel and design, but that still depict a child-like element. This will help avoid any confusion as to what type of event this will be.

You can formalize a first birthday invitation by choosing a pocket folder style. This elegant, formal invitation style can be made kid-friendly and fun by incorporating a theme. For example, a ladybug theme is cute for a little girl, and your pocket folder could be red and feature a delicate ladybug in the center. The folder hold a first birthday invitation printed on white paper with a red border, with a ladybug pattern ribbon centered at the top in a bow.

If you want formal first birthday invitations suitable for a little boy, you might choose a navy blue paper and layer it with vellum that is attached with a child’s button. This button could be plain, feature blue and white polka dots, or even depict a small train, for example, to introduce a subtle theme but still keep the invitation formal.

Choosing Fun Casual First Birthday Invitations

If you’re planning a casual first birthday party, then sending formal invitations will only confuse recipients. It’s important to match the intended tone of your party with the tone of your first birthday invitations. Casual first birthday invitations can feature themes like fairy princess or artist for little girls, race cars or dump trucks for little boys, or just feature a general turning one theme.

The first birthday party is generally remembered by just the parents, so choose a casual first birthday invitation theme that will also serve as a fun reminder of this special day. For example, if you want to remember how much your son loves play with blocks, choose casual first birthday invitations that feature stacked, colorful blocks that spell out his name. If you want to remember your little girl as a princess, then send casual first birthday invitations die-cut around a little girl princess dressed in pink with a sparkling tiara.

As long as you choose first birthday invitations that depict some aspect of your child’s budding personality, they will become an important reminder of this memorable time. It will also be fun to show your child as he or she grows up what interested them most during the first year of life.

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