First Birthday Invitations With Inspirational Wording

Many first birthday invitations are blank and allow you to customize the invitation with your own wording. This is a great way to personalize first birthday invitations, but sometimes it’s difficult to come up with a cute verse or poem to set the tone. Here are some examples of inspirational wording that you can adapt to suit your child’s first birthday invitations and make them extra special.

Inspirational Wording Ideas for First Birthday Invitations

Many first birthday invitations have a casual, fun party theme that features birthday cake with one candle, a cupcake with one candle, or a background filled with balloons and confetti to signal a first birthday celebration. Personalize this type of first birthday invitations with one of these inspiring wording selections by simply substituting your child’s name.

The cake will have one candle
We’ll have treats and lots of fun
So come help us celebrate as
Dylan turns one!

It’s been a whole year
Of learning and fun
We can hardly believe that
Samantha is turning one!

Someone awesome is turning one
Come on over and join the fun!

Someone sweet is turning one…
Join us for ice cream treats and fun!

Themed Wording Ideas for First Birthday Invitations

When you choose first birthday invitations with specific themes, then including wording that matches the tone of that theme makes your first birthday invitations even more special. For a princess theme, you might write:

Her royal highness is turning one
and a party we are planning.
So come join us for a spell
It’s sure to be enchanting!

For a fun pool party or under the sea themed first birthday invitations, you might include:

Under the sea, the mermaid and the fish
Are planning a party for a birthday wish!
Join us for Samantha’s First Birthday.

For your little boy who loves to play with cars, you might choose first birthday invitations with a race car theme and write:

Hurry! Hurry! Don’t be late
We need you here to celebrate
Matthew’s First Birthday!

For fun dinosaur themed first birthday invitations, you could write:

A dino-mite party for a dino-mite kid
Come help us celebrate- you’ll be glad you did!

If you choose first birthday invitations with a dump truck, fire-engine truck, or building theme, you could write:

The excitement is “building”
We’re gathering the crew…
We’re going to celebrate and we need you!

Choosing pirate themed first birthday invitations, you could write:

Yo, ho, ho! Come join the fun
Our little pirate is turning one!


Sail on over for some birthday fun
Matthew is turning one!

Wording Ideas for First Birthday Invitations for Twins

First birthday invitations for twins mean you should include wording that reflects a joint birthday party, like:

A double celebration . . . What could be more fun?
We hope you’ll come and join us as
Samantha and Sally turn One!

The elephants are smiling
and the zebras have grins too . . .
We’re planning a double birthday party and we need you!

Any of these wording samples will help get you on the right path towards creating a personalized, memorable first birthday invitation.

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