Winter Birthday Party Tips and Ideas

Winter Birthday BalloonsWinter is a time when nature sleeps. The trees are bare, flowers wait patiently underground for spring, and snow often covers the ground – but there are exceptions. Evergreen trees remain green throughout the winter, winter pansies bloom despite the chill, and many areas aren’t cold enough for snow. Don’t sleep through your birthday this year, but plan a party that encapsulates all that is winter.

Let It Snow

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, consider having a portion of your party outside. You could revisit your younger days with a sledding party and send invitations showing the perfect snow-covered sledding hill or invitations in the shape of a sled. Then ask guests to bring a sled or a trashcan lid, whatever will get them down the hill. Afterwards, return to your house for homemade hot chocolate and marshmallows and, of course, birthday cake.

If you want to be a bit more sophisticated but still get away, you could host your party at a local ski lodge or invite a few close friends to join you for a weekend of skiing and celebrating. Whoever wants to hit the slopes can, but there are plenty of opportunities for non-skiers to enjoy themselves, even if it means reading a book in front of a roaring fire.

Intimate Gatherings

If you want to keep your birthday party intimate, invite friends and family to join you for an afternoon of hot chocolate, finger food and a game, such as Two Lies, One Truth. For this game, you simply gather everyone together in a circle and each person states two lies and one truth about himself. You must guess which is true. This is usually a fun and enlightening game to play with family and friends.

If you want your guests to participate, invite them to a winter potluck and have each guest bring an appetizer, side dish or main course that somehow symbolizes the season. Nothing eases the chill like warm seafood chowder, crusty bread and a salad layered with blue cheese and walnuts. Serve warm beverages like coffee and hot chocolate and end with a white cake covered in a rich white chocolate glaze.

Loud and Large

Often parties will have children present along with adults, so developing a theme that includes everyone without focusing on the children can be a challenge. Divide the kids into teams and send them outside for a snowman-building contest. The adults can join in or stay inside and keep an eye on the contest while sipping cups of mulled cider.

For a larger, more formal evening, invite guests to a winter cocktail party and serve eggnog, hot buttered rum and White Russians. Send invitations shaped like a tuxedo or cocktail dress, or decorated with bottles of liqueur. Use snowflake cookie cutters to shape white bread for finger sandwiches and feature white chocolate truffles on doilies to imitate snow balls. Decorate the party room with shades of blue and white so your guests will warm themselves with good company and hot drinks.

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