Business Thank You Cards for Thanksgiving Event as Perfect Marketing Strategy

Sending business thank you cards is an important marketing strategy that should be used throughout the year to impress clients, potential clients and continue good working relationships with both employees and vendors. Don’t omit sending thank you cards around Thanksgiving, since it’s the time of year to give thanks and the perfect time of year to promote your business.

Reasons to Send Thanksgiving-Themed Business Thank You Cards

The Thanksgiving season is a great time to send thank you cards and a smart time of year to advertise your business for the approaching Christmas holiday season. Prepare in advance for this November holiday and take time to compile a list of recipients a month or two in advance so that you’ll be prepared when the time comes.

Your thank you card list should include current, past and potential customers, although you could have one message thanking current customers for their continued loyalty and a separate message for past and potential customers that offers them an incentive to do business with you by thanking them in advance. Mention that the thank you card also functions as a coupon for future services or mention a holiday special that bundles several products or services together for one low price.

No matter how hectic the Thanksgiving season is, people spend more money during that time of year, so sending timely thank you cards could inspire them to spend some of that money at your business. All people need is a good reason to buy what you’re offering, and a thoughtful, attractive thank you card with an incentive to buy is all the encouragement they’ll need.

Choosing Festive Business Thank You Cards

Thanksgiving is a colorful season filled with various symbols of prosperity and good fortune, and incorporating these symbols in your business thank you cards will make them feel seasonally appropriate. Choose thank you cards that are both professional and sport a festive Thanksgiving design. For example, business casual Thanksgiving thank you cards could feature a turkey on the cover with “thank you” written on his body and an acorn and leaf border. You could print your corporate logo on the inside with your wording and incentive or find an appropriate place on the cover.

If your business requires a more formal thank you card style, you could choose flat thank you cards with a chocolate brown border with an orange pinstripe surrounding an ivory center. A watermark of a fall leaf, a turkey, a horn of plenty or an acorn could be centered with your wording printed over it. These are subtle yet effective business-appropriate Thanksgiving thank you cards that will command attention from recipients.

Incorporating a corporate logo is acceptable, but if you feel it detracts from the overall Thanksgiving theme, placing your business name boldly towards the top, such as “King Enterprises thanks you for your continued patronage,” will leave no doubt as to who sent the thank you card. So what are you waiting for? Select the ideal Thanksgiving business thank you cards so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

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