Ideas for Celebrating Business Accomplishments

A thriving business needs dedicated employees to go above and beyond, whether it’s to make sure a deal goes through on time or a new account is secured. If you want to keep the morale up around the office and encourage such behavior, it’s important to recognize business accomplishments and contributions, both to encourage those already performing well and to inspire those who could try harder. Following are ways to celebrate business accomplishments using creative ideas and business invitations.

Why Celebrate Achievements with Business Invitations?

A celebration, no matter how intimate or expansive it will be, somehow becomes more official once business invitations are created and sent out. People tend to respond to a physical invitation more than they do e-invitations or word of mouth invites, even when it’s an internal business accomplishment celebration.

Business invitations don’t have to be expensive and are easy to customize, especially if you choose ones that are pre-printed with the company’s logo and the words “you’re invited” at the top with a simple border. Then, each time there is a reason to celebrate, simply choose the wording you want printed in the center and print up the number you need.

Celebrating business accomplishments with official business invitations could noticeably improve office attitudes, as well as interaction and production. Satisfied employees who feel their efforts are appreciated and won’t go unnoticed will perform better and take initiative.

Don’t overlook acknowledging an entire team’s work because fostering a supportive team environment is also a great way to increase performance, while encouraging employees to work well together.

Using Business Invitations to Celebrate Reaching Goals

Reaching or exceeding goals, whether it’s quarterly or monthly sales quotas, meeting a profit projection, completing phases of a project on time or increasing your client base, need to be acknowledged. These types of accomplishments should ideally be celebrated throughout a fiscal year, signaling that your employees are working hard and deserve to celebrate.

For exceeding goals, you might send business invitations naming the employee of honor and hosting a champagne toast after work and then asking everyone to meet at a nearby bar or restaurant for happy hour. If this type of celebration is appreciated at your office, consider having pre-printed business invitations that feature a champagne bottle being uncorked plus a border of champagne glasses. Then, at the champagne toast, perhaps in a conference room, make sure to outline the reason why that employee deserves this special evening out and challenge others to get into the hotspot the following month (or quarter). These nights out away from the office can help employees bond and develop a camaraderie that carries over to their work.

Another way to highlight an achieved goal is to host “special person day” where the person being honored for their accomplishments will find their office or cubicle decorated with streamers and balloons, as well as a business invitation inviting him and his team out for a celebratory lunch. These business invitations could feature the phrase “what’s on the menu” and then describe why that person is being honored and where.

A great way to boost morale is to leave it up to the team to decide whose accomplishments should be honored that month. Each person on a team could be assigned a coworker to keep an eye on and note how that person went the extra mile to accomplish a goal or secure a new account, for example, or just helped out another member of the team. Then, send business invitations that ask all of the teams (this will depend on the type and size of your business) to a joint meeting to highlight members’ accomplishments.

If your office is really a creative place, each team could even put on a skit that pokes fun at a competing team or is based on a theme, like how to sell ketchup to a woman wearing white. The best skit can win a prize (like a bottle of ketchup to keep the mood light), and then each team can read their lists of positive acts performed by each member, followed by a silent vote for a winner.

Finally, another way to keep employees interacting with each other in a supportive way is to send business invitations for an awards afternoon. This can occur mid-way through a quarter to take a break from the stress of work, or be directly related to boosting morale so certain business goals get accomplished. The business invitations could feature a gold trophy or even be shaped like a gold medal. Then, have each employee choose a name (anonymously) and think up an award that fits that person. These can be funny or highlight a personality quirk, such as “best office hygiene” for that employee who constantly flosses his teeth, or work-related, such as “office badger” because of an employee’s persistence.

Fun and Quirky Ways to Celebrate Group Business Accomplishments

When you want to celebrate group accomplishments instead of highlighting one person’s achievements, a great way to do this is to separate the group so that everyone in the office is aware that they are kings for the day.

For instance, consider sending business invitations to a catered “royal” luncheon honoring the accomplishments of a certain team and supply each member with a royal crown to wear for the day. Set up mock thrones with gold and purple streamers at the lunch and have the team stand at the door and receive everyone as they enter. This way, other employees can offer congratulations, and everyone will enjoy celebrating their accomplishments.

If your office has a strictly professional dress code, another way to show group appreciation is to allow that team to observe a casual day in the office while everyone else wears normal work clothes. You could send business invitations that feature a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, telling the team they earned a day of relaxation and casual dress for their group efforts. Or, you might choose a fun theme and have everyone dress up in honor of the group’s accomplishments, such as crazy hat day, with business invitations shaped like a top hat.

Recognizing that employees’ accomplishments should be both acknowledged and celebrated, either formally with an official lunch, for example, or informally with themed-skits and crazy outfits, is the first step towards a successful business. If you make take the next step and send business invitations to formalize the celebration, your employees will have an attractive keepsake, and the entire office will work harder to get their names on the business invitation the next time.

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