Promoting Your Business With Business Moving Announcements

If you view relocating your business as an opportunity rather than a hindrance, you’re already ahead of other businesses. Relocating gives you a legitimate reason to get in touch with current and past customers, as well as vendors and potential customers. In fact, moving can actually help boost your business, as long as you use business moving announcements to your advantage.

Business Moving Announcements Defined

It’s important to keep communication open between you and your clients and vendors. You want to make getting in touch with your business as easy as possible. Business moving announcements help keep those communication channels clear so that you and your clients and vendors will experience as little moving-related discomfort as possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you are expanding or downsizing, moving uptown or downtown, business moving announcements should always be positive and professional so that clients will assume that your business is booming. Business moving announcements help keep your business visual and can even attract new business by including an incentive along with the new contact details.

What to Include on Your Business Moving Announcements

No matter what type of business you operate, make sure your business moving announcements are professional, clear and concise. If they are too over-the-top and confusing, people are likely to toss the announcement without really reading it. Instead, make sure that your business name and logo appear prominently on the business moving announcement along with your new contact details.

In addition, list your company website and email, just to make sure anyone who wants to get in touch or learn more about you can. It’s always helpful to include a small map so people can easily find your new location.

Be sure to include a move date so that recipients will know when to stop visiting your old place of business. If you’re hosting an open house or a sale, depending on your business, include brief details beneath the date so recipients will have a real reason to visit you.

Using Business Moving Announcements to Promote Your Business

Give your clients an incentive to visit your new location by offering complimentary product demonstrations or free consultations, for example. Or, you might have an open house and offer discounts on any goods or services purchased during the open house.

Another great way to draw in new business is to offer a discount or a gift to current clients who bring a friend to the event. Word of mouth advertising can often be the most lucrative, so entice current clients to refer friends or colleagues to your business based upon what makes the most sense for your business.

A grand opening sale is always a draw, and if you operate any type of retail business, this is a great way to entice both existing and new clients to check out your new location. You could offer a general discount for anyone who brings your business moving announcement to the sale or you could simply put certain items on sale for the day. If your business offers a service, such as a salon, you might offer a 10 percent discount on haircuts when you bring in the business moving announcement to the appointment.

As long as the promotion makes sense for your business and is clearly noted on the business moving announcement, you are likely to see a great return on a little investment.

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