Mystery Party Ideas

If you’re looking for an interesting party idea so you and your friends can enjoy a warm night indoors during those long, cold winter months, then why not host a mystery party? Mystery parties can be a unique and entertaining diversion for guests of any age. The key to hosting one of these events is preparation.

Planning a Mystery Party

Mystery parties can be a challenge to put together without a little help. That’s why you should begin by searching the Internet for mystery party kits. Prices range from $30 to $100 on average. The kits include information about the characters, details about the clues you should use for the game, and more. It’s a good idea to get the kit before you do anything else – that way you’ll know how many guests to invite.

After you know how large your guest list needs to be, you’ll want to send out invitations at least two to three weeks in advance. Remember to choose mystery party themed invitations or you could choose Theatre Letterhead for your invitations since all of your guests will be acting a part in your mystery.

Make sure you set a fairly early RSVP date for your party. You’ll need to let guests who are attending know if they need to dress in a costume or bring anything special in order to “be in character.” Of course, you might also want to pick some of these items up yourself at a local thrift store.

Throwing the Mystery Party

Even though your mystery party is going to be its own entertainment, your guests are still going to expect refreshments. You could have a formal, sit down meal before the mystery gets underway. Everyone could use the time to get into character and the meal could be created to match the theme of your chosen mystery.

Other mystery party hosts choose a more casual menu of appetizers, including miniature pizzas, chicken wings, egg rolls, individual cheesecakes, and barbecued meatballs. You could also simply order some pizza and breadsticks from your local restaurant. Make sure to have some drinks available as well. While alcohol is fine, you want to be careful not to have intoxicated guests when your mystery gets started.

As for decorations, you should do as much as possible to turn your party’s location into the setting of the mystery. Many of the kits come with recommendations for decorations. Remember to keep everything you purchase so that you’ll have it for future mystery parties.

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