Fun Halloween Party Invitations for all ages

I don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the country, but in many places the tell-tale signs of autumn are already popping up: falling leaves, cooler temperatures, apple cider and caramel apples, pumpkin lattes at Starbucks. All of those signs mean one thing – it’s time to start planning your Halloween party.

Whether your party is for little trick or treaters or for older monsters, you need to choose the right invitations and get those in the mail no later than the second week of October. Any later and your guests won’t have time to RSVP.

Halloween Party Invitations for Kids & Adults

One of my favorite Halloween party invitations are the Halloween Boo Die-cut invitations. The cards are shaped like ghosts – the fun type, not the scary kind – so they are perfect for children’s parties. You print your own message on them using your home printer, then you easily punch out the ghost shape and you’ve got some adorable invitations. I would recommend doing a search on the Internet for a few scary font designs (you can find some at or You might want to do the printing in red, too.

If you like Halloween shapes but don’t want to use ghosts, you can also choose Halloween Die-cut Fill-in Invitations shaped like pumpkins. The nice thing about these invitations is you can simple write in the party details without having to use a printer which might save you money on ink if you have a large guest list.

While both of the invitations discussed above would be fine for grown-up Halloween parties, you might prefer something a little more unique. Hippie Skull Invitations are one possibility. You really won’t see any invitations like them. Plus, if you don’t want to use them for a Halloween bash, they work great for almost any other occasion.

Also remember if you are having a Halloween-themed wedding, any of the above would work great as wedding invitations. You could even use a Pumpkin Halloween Bag for your wedding favors.

Unique Halloween Party Ideas

Remember if you want to have a great Halloween party, you’ve got to think outside the box. Don’t just have candy, bobbing for apples, and scary movies playing in the background. Be ambitious. Why not have a murder mystery at your (grown-up) Halloween party. All of your guests can be suspects trying to figure out who really was responsible. Another idea is to rent a limo for Halloween night filled with plenty of tasty candy and treats then take a tour of the haunted houses open for business in your area. If you’re having kids over for a party, turn part of your house (the basement or garage work best) into a haunted house they can enjoy without having nightmares. Just be creative and have fun with the holiday – that’s the secret to any great party.

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