Easy Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween Party

With Halloween comes parties, candy, little monsters and elaborate costumes ‘ the preparation is enough to make anyone fearful! If you are hosting a party, there may be a ton of things you want to do, but you just feel like you don’t have the time.

So how can you approach things and ensure that you have a successful and enjoyable Halloween this year? Here are some tips to make it the best and most spooktacular Halloween yet:

Go with a Theme

It sounds simple, and it’s amazing how practical this is. In previous years I would set up a party without thinking much about it in advance. The party was fine, but as the weeks turned to days, I began to stress over how much remained to be done, and all the little details. What should the centerpiece be like? What food should I serve? Heck, I don’t even have a costume yet!

With a theme already in mind, everything naturally falls into place. How about an Egyptian theme? Boom, everything is suddenly figured out! Halloween invitations in the shape of a sarcophagus or paper wrapped in gaze. Snacks would include shish kebabs, humus and pita bread, a pyramid-shaped layer cake and other Egyptian food. D’cor can be cobwebs, mummies, spiders, and sphinxes. Costumes, of course, would be Cleopatra and King Tut. Done!

Party Planning

Think of your celebration – do you want to have the kids and parents over for a little feast before trick-or-treating? Are you more interested in an adult’s only costume party? Dinner or late-night snacks? Dancing or movies? All this pre-planning will quickly narrow down your party so you can better organize and prepare for it.

Do you have volunteers to call upon? Don’t think you can do everything yourself. Many friends and neighbors would love to help you with the decorations and party plans. A lot of the monster ‘props’ during the trick or treating are volunteers dressed to thrill, and, at least for me, they all look forward to the subsequent adult celebration. For many (especially for myself!), Halloween is the best excuse for a fun party!

Organize Your Props and Decorations

If you host Halloween parties every year, take a look at what decorations you have from previous years, and build on it. If you are planning a Halloween party or if you want the house to stand out on the block, then you need to have the appropriate decorations to really enjoy it. Shop the day after Halloween to get everything half price.

When buying or building props, think of how they will store. Will everything be easy to take apart and put back together again? Can they store easily? A recurring complaint from Halloween aficionados is the limited storage space for all their decorations!

With a little bit of preparation and choosing a unifying theme, your plans for next Halloween will be much more stress-free and a whole lot more fun. This is the only time of year to live it up and enjoy playing the part of someone (or something) you usually are not. So party like it’s 50 BC and smoothly turn your house into a royal Egyptian tomb for your guests!

Written by Chris Molnar, an avid Halloween participant and editor of Partyhalloween.com. His favorite memory is posing perfectly still as an imposing and faceless grim reaper in front of his decked-out haunted house, then sending a couple teenage boys screaming like girls when he tapped one on the shoulder after they turned away. He now has two young children who do not yet appreciate the scarier things at Halloween ‘ just the candy!

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