Big Hearts for a Sweet 16 Party

One of the most special events in any girl’s life is her 16th birthday. Maybe she won’t be able to vote or drink for a few more years, but for most girls this birthday marks an important milestone. Plus, girls enjoy throwing big parties with plenty of friends, music, and fun.

If it’s nearing that time in your daughter’s life, then you’re probably already brainstorming some ideas for the big event. Here are a few you might want to consider.

A Heart Theme

Hearts may seem like a good theme for a Valentine’s Day party, but they are also a unique choice for 16th birthday parties as well. Most young girls love hearts and the colors they normally come in (i. e. pink and red), plus the theme is fairly easy to work with. You’ll be able to find decorations and other items to match the theme fairly easily and if you raid the after-Valentine’s Day holiday decorations at your favorite stores then you can also do this theme even on a tight budget.

First, you want to choose the perfect invitations. Remember the invitations need to match the theme so consider inflated hearts invitations. Fun and colorful and would work well for the party.

Second, you’ll want to start thinking of appropriate decorations. Heart-shaped balloons are a great choice. You can either purchase them yourself or buy them from a local party store that offers mylar balloons. Coloring tablecloths with stenciled heart shapes is another way to stay in keeping with the theme.

Third, you should offer some type of party favor to your guests. Heart-shaped lollipops are a great choice and they can either be purchase at candy stores, particularly in February, or created from scratch with some candy molds, sucker sticks, and melted candy.

Other Heart-Related Party Items

Possibly one of the most important elements of the party should be the birthday cake. You can choose to purchase an ordinary sheet cake and have it decorated with roses. Or you could have your cake created in heart-shaped baking pans. Another idea is to ask a baker to create a heart-shaped birthday cake made from layers almost like a wedding cake. Each heart would be a little smaller than the one below it and they could be connected by small white pillars. On the top, you could purchase a heart shaped picture frame and include a baby picture of the guest of honor.

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