Halloween Party Made Easy

Many businesses host parties near the Christmas holidays or to celebrate an anniversary, but make your business stand out to employees and clients by hosting a fun corporate Halloween party this year. Adults might be all grown up, but getting dressed up for a spooky evening in honor of Halloween will have them grinning like children. Setting the stage with Halloween invitations is the key to a successful event.

Who Should Make the Halloween Corporate Guest List?

Hosting a business party, even if it’s for a fun occasion like Halloween, still needs to be conducted with professionalism, especially if you’ll be inviting customers. Your Halloween guest list will depend on the type of business you operate and what the purpose of this party will be. For example, you could host a Halloween charity costume party, in which case, you’d invite business associates, clients and anyone who might be interested in supporting the cause.

If your purpose is simply to celebrate a fantastic quarter of sales revenue or reward employees with a Halloween party to let loose after completing a grueling project, then you might want to keep the guest list internal, except for spouses or significant others. If you want to thank customers for their loyalty and reward employees with a fun evening, then invite both employees and clients to the Halloween bash. Big or small, your Halloween party is sure to be a hit!

Set the Scene With Spooky Halloween Invitations

Once you decide who you’re inviting to your Halloween party, it’s time to choose the perfect Halloween invitations. Typically, Halloween parties ask guests to come in costume, but make sure to put this on the invitation. Sometimes, with corporate parties, if a costume isn’t specified, many will err on the side of caution and come normally dressed. Halloween is a time to relax, so a casual party is acceptable, and casual Halloween invitations are ideal.

You could send bright orange Halloween invitations with black spiders dropping down the sides of the invitation, or you might send Halloween invitations that are dark purple and feature a haunted house silhouetted in black beside a graveyard. Inserting your corporate logo is appropriate, especially if you’re inviting customers, although it shouldn’t overwhelm the spirit of the invitation. If you don’t have a logo, make sure your invitation wording states your business name so recipients understand who’s inviting them to a spooky Halloween party.

Corporate Halloween Parties Should be Fun!

Have a contest for most creative costume or give out fun prizes for several costume categories, such as most creative, least creative, scariest, etc. These prizes could be coupons or gift certificates redeemable for your business as a promotion, especially if customers are present or can be humorous. Play fun music, set up Halloween games and serve spooky food and drinks like chocolate cookies shaped like bats and spiders with orange punch.

As long as you preface this evening with festive Halloween invitations and follow through with creative decorations, good food and great games or contests, people will be talking about this party and your business until next Halloween!

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