Kids Friendly Halloween Invitations

Halloween is one holiday where gruesome images are plentiful. Flesh rotting zombies and gallons of fake blood paints towns red. In a society where violence is prevalent, shielding children from graphic images has become a priority.

Ensure your Halloween party invitations give the right impressions for both children and parents by choosing imagery that is spooky – in a very friendly way.

A Ghost of a Good Time

It is easy to select a Halloween invitation for a child’s party without compromising values. Here’s how you can choose cards that fit the theme and at the same time refrain from scaring the living daylights out of children.

  • Choose a neutral style that features a non-threatening theme like pumpkins, candy corn, or black cats.
  • Use graphics that are childlike. Witches and monsters can be softened as long as they have a smile on their face.
  • A cute Halloween invitation can include a picture of your child in his or her costume from last year. This will help the guest to identify whom the party is for and will serve a second purpose by eliminating the need for an illustration or decoration on the front of the card.
  • Black and orange give the distinct feeling of Halloween without the need for elaborate graphics.

Ideas for Customizing Friendly Halloween Invitations

You can also make your friendly Halloween invitations more special by incorporating a few handmade elements.

  • Take round lollipops like Dum Dums or BlowPops and wrap a clean white tissue around the top of each sucker. Secure it with a rubber band and draw two eyes and a smiling face on the Kleenex with a black marker. Punch a hole on an orange colored invitation and secure the candy ghost with ribbon. Have your child pass out the treats to his or her friends at school.
  • Another creative alternative is to make a jack-o-lantern out of orange and black felt. Choose an invitation that fits neatly onto the back of the crafty card. Attach it to the pumpkin with a simple sticker or two. Purchase oversized envelopes that are large enough to hold the handmade stationery.
  • Silver, glitter encrusted spider webs are dazzling without being spooky. Miniature spiders can be created and attached to the invitation by gluing eyes on small pom poms. Center the arachnid on the web where you see fit.
  • Enlist the help of your child to come up with a design of their own. Run color copies of the picture and cut them to size. Use a glue stick to attach the drawings to the front of a one-sided invitation. Make sure to keep one for yourself to include in your son or daughter’s scrapbook.

You don’t have to sacrifice style by selecting substandard Halloween party invitations. Purchase the best cards that your budget will allow and embellish them yourself to save money.

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