Simple Halloween Party Themes Idea

Who to invite

Halloween PartyPeople of all ages enjoy the chance to dress up in costume and be someone else for the afternoon or evening. The great thing about a Halloween Party is that it can be a family event, or one just for a specific age group.


There is no lack of stationery depicting ghosts and goblins and witches. Choose one that is different from the norm, if you want your invitation to stand out. As with any other major holiday, party invitations will abound. If you want people to plan to attend your event, rather than someone else’s, you will want to create anticipation from the moment the invitation is opened. Let people know, for example, that you are planning to hold a costume contest and that there will be prizes for the most original, most outrageous, scariest costume and best use of make-up.


A successful Halloween party will mean that you need to plan a variety of activities for your guests to enjoy. In addition to the costume contest, you can offer stations around the party room for other activities. Stations could include pumpkin carving, which can then be displayed and entered into a contest. An alternative to bobbing for apples, which creates all sorts of problems for those in costume, is eating apples off a string. To create this activity, secure apples on fishing line and hang them in varying lengths in one area of the room. Invite people to participate in the contest, matching the height of guests to the height of the dangling apple. The first to finish, eating with hands behind their backs wins the prize. Another great activity is to create a series of boxes full of items such as cold spaghetti (brains) and iced grapes (eyeballs). Lead guests into the darkened room by flashlight and invite them put their hands into the dark box and guess what is in there. For added fun, yell “boo” just as their hand reaches the Jell-O (slime). Provide wet naps or towels to clean off hands after the activity, and give them a certificate of bravery as they exit and return to the main party area.


Keep your party food simple and remember that guests will be eating and drinking in costume. Pizza, candy apples, a variety of candy, chips and dips are all that is needed to keep guests content. Look for unique drink container, such as gothic goblets, to serve drinks from.


Decorating for Halloween has become as elaborate as decorating for Christmas. Jack-O-Lanterns can be used to line the pathway coming to the home. You can create a large spider web across the doorway that people need to enter, complete with large plastic spiders in the web. Keep your lights down low, to create an eerie atmosphere. Decorate the interior of the home with as many decorations as you can gather. Use black, orange, purple and green lights and crepe paper to create the ambiance. Pumpkins, corn stocks and candy corn add the fall harvest touch to the event. Hay bales make great extra seating, and can be easily cleaned up once the party is over. A witch’s cauldron can be filled with dry ice for a great impact. The bold host will obtain a coffin and get an adult to play the corpse (jumping up to scare unsuspecting guests). Your spooked guests will leave glad that they accepted your invitation!

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