Halloween Party Planning for Kids

If it was up to you, children wouldn’t be allowed to go trick-or-treating in this day and age. Rather than subject them to unthinkable dangers, you would opt instead to throw a Halloween party for your children and their friends in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Although some children would much rather go door to door to get their thrills on October 31st, most will be delighted to receive a party invitation from you in the mail. You can send out invitations that feature the black and orange color theme, and truly set the scary tone by including plastic spiders and cotton cobwebs in the envelope. Then, get yourself ready to throw a “spookfest” for all of your children’s friends.

A little creativity goes a long way in hosting a party filled with sweet treats, cool costumes, and ghoulish games. Considering the age group that you’re catering to will determine the level of appropriateness of each activity at the party. Here’s how to have a howling good time by transforming your home into the ultimate haunted house.

Your Humble Abode Transformed

For starters, determine how big of budget you have to spend on the occasion. After a spending limit is set, shop around for affordable decor that reflects your theme. Not all scary decorations need to be pricey. Strings of colored lights and glowing jack-o-lanterns can make an evening party stand out. Cotton creates scary webs across your porch, while paper bag luminaries create an eerie glow along your entryway.

You can also utilize black construction paper or butcher paper to create cutouts to place in your windows. Cut out the profile of a witch or the face of a pumpkin, tape it on your window, place a light behind the image – and you have just transformed your home into a scary palace.

Making Spooky Centerpieces

The really ambitious host or hostess can even make their own centerpieces and party favors if they desire. By fashioning common household items together, a person can create a supernatural world full of ghosts, goblins, witches, and vampires. Old pairs of pantyhose can be stuffed and tied to make a face. Plastic gloves can be filled with popcorn and handed out as party favors. Black jellybeans inserted into the top of each glove forms a fingernail, which makes a very unique treat.

Dark Details that Make a Halloween Party Special

Fake cobwebs filled with black spider rings make every house look a little scarier. Cauldrons full of dry ice bubble over and cast an eerie glow on everything that passes by them. Black cat piñatas surprise guests with sweet treats and hours of physical activity.

Orange frosted cupcakes adorned with candy pumpkins make a sweet treat that isn’t hard to clean up. Serve each with a cup of Witches Brew Punch and watch in delight as the children fight hard to identify the ingredients of the bewitching drink.

Organize some games including bobbing for apples, or if time permits, take the children out for a hayride in the country.

Award prizes for the best costumes. Gift certificates to fast food restaurants and movie theaters are always a hit among young people.

Fill Trick-or-Treat bags with small prizes and pieces of candy and hand them out as goody bags while everyone is walking out the door to go home.

No matter what your age, you can throw a “spooktacular” party for all the kids in the neighborhood by planning a few things in advance.

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