Birthday Invitations with Special Inspirations

Although every birthday is exciting and important, there are certain numbers that, when reached, need to be celebrated.

Important Ages

Beginning with the 21st birthday and continuing to the 30th, 40th, 50th, and 60th birthdays, all of these ages represent a milestone in your life. While some birthdays are more anticipated than others, they should still be celebrated with a bang.

There are particular jokes associated with several birthdays and are often turned into the theme for the party. 40 is over the hill, for example, and 50 represents maturity, while 21 is usually celebrated with a pub-crawl.

Numbered Themes

If you are choosing the birthday age as your theme because it’s an especially important year, then use the number creatively in all aspects of the party. For instance, if you are turning 30, you could host a waving good-bye to your twenties party with a 1930s theme. You could even make it a costume party and have your guests dress up as a 1930s star. Send invitations with 1930 emblazoned along the top to set the scene. Guessing who people are can be a fun game and partying in a bygone era will take your mind off the one you are about to enter.

Perhaps you are turning 50 and inspired to have a slightly immature party theme to contrast an age that can be labeled as old. Send invitations in bright colors that celebrate your fifth decade instead of your 50th birthday. Then, invite 50 people or have 50 cupcakes instead of a blazing birthday cake. You could even choose to celebrate the decade you were born and send out birthday invitations with a camera flash or a lightning bolt signaling a flashback 50th birthday party.

Milestone Decorations

Don’t hold back on the decorations for milestone birthday years. Hire a printing company to create a personalized banner for your party. If you are incorporating a theme, include this theme in the tone of your banner and your invitations. For instance, if you are turning 50, broadcast it on the banner with “50 is Fabulous” and use it as your birthday catchphrase.

Whether you want to engrave pilsner glasses or martini glasses with your birthday catchphrase or you just want a few well-placed signs indicating your new age, there are decorations for every taste.

Inspired Activities

If you are turning 40 in particular, send invitations featuring a large pot roast or marshmallows roasting over a fire and ask guests to come armed with their funniest memory or anecdote for a birthday roast. This is a great way to laugh yourself into the next decade.

If you are turning 60 and love to play poker, consider hosting a gambling man (or woman) 60th birthday party and send out Vegas-inspired invitations. Then, decorate your house or a party room like a Vegas casino and have several tables set up for various games, such as five card stud and Texas hold ’em. You could also throw in a twist and have a black jack table with the goal number of 60 instead of 21.

Remember to have fun with your milestone birthday with a party that you aren’t likely to forget, even at your age.

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