Baby Shower Symbols and Their Meanings

Baby Shower SymbolsBaby shower stationery and invitations are often printed with cute symbols and icons such as storks, diapers, soothers and strollers. These are items we often associate with new babies, but do they have a deeper meaning?

Exploring the meanings and origins of popular baby symbols will help you understand what it is about the images that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! It could even become a fun trivia game at your next shower. Create a list of questions to see if you can stump your friends, then surprise them all with your baby knowledge.

The Stork – Did Babies Ever Come From Birds?

It’s a silly image, if you really think about it. So where did the symbol come from?

Many people believe that the story of the stork delivering babies originated in the Netherlands and Northern Germany, where it was a common character in children’s stories and nursery rhymes. These people believed that the stork was a bearer or good luck and fortune.

Others believe that in Victorian times, the question of “Where do babies come from?” was such a delicate one that parents told their children that the storks they often saw perched upon chimneys were there to deliver the babies to their new homes.

In Ireland and in Celtic folklore, the stork was associated with springtime and fertility. Children who wanted a baby sister or brother learned to sing songs to the stork in the hopes that they would get their wish!

Baby Animals – Is There a Higher Purpose to These Cute Symbols?

Adorable, fuzzy baby animals are a popular symbol on baby stationery, clothing and blankets. But do these cuddly creatures have a purpose or meaning?

Many actually do! The baby chick, for example, symbolizes new life. In ancient times, the egg was thought to represent the tomb of Jesus. Therefore, the baby chick emerging from the egg came to represent new life or re-birth.

The meaning of the lamb also has roots in the Christian religion. It is thought to represent Jesus, as in “the lamb of God”.

In ancient times, baby bunnies were representative of abundant new life. This has continued in modern times as bunnies adorn many baby items.

While many baby animal symbol meanings hail from religious beliefs, baby animals of any type are generally associated with human babies because they are born in spring, the time of hope, new life and new beginnings.

Flowers – Beautiful and Meaningful!

The next time you choose a floral-patterned baby shower stationery or paper for your scrapbook, you will actually know what the flowers mean!

Daffodils and tulips bloom from their bulbs in the spring. Just as baby animals are associated with babies through the wonder and re-birth of spring, so too are these beautiful, colorful flowers.

Are Everyday Baby Items Really Meaningful?

Items such as carriages, diapers, soothers and bottles are great decorations for stationery, crib sets and shower invitations simply because of the way we associate them with babies. Because these items are used by almost every family in the world, we easily recognize their meaning and significance.

Who among us can resist smiling and sighing when we see a picture of a soother? What person isn’t touched by the image of a mother holding her newborn? These symbols are meaningful to each of us in different ways because they invoke our own memories and personal feelings about babies and childhood.

Popular, Classic Baby Symbols

Baby symbols are a great finishing touch to your shower invitations, thank you card stationery, decorations and gift wrapping. When planning your baby shower, choose decorations adorned with images of soothers, diapers, baby animals or bottles. Select invitations with a stork symbol – your guests will recognize it for what it is as soon as they set eyes on it in the mail! Decorate the baby shower cake with building blocks made of icing, or a picture of a teddy bear.

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