Sleepover Birthday Party

Kids love to have sleepovers. And, it just so happens that a sleepover is a pretty easy party to plan. They work for both boys and girls and are good for nearly all ages, so long as the guests aren’t afraid to spend the night away from home.

The fun of a sleepover is, well, sleeping over. So, go all out on the sleeping theme. Set up an area in your home where all the guests can spread out their sleeping bags, preferably in an area of your home with a television.

I like to have the guests show up in their pajamas, even though they arrive well before bedtime. It just adds to the fun. We have an informal pizza party, with a “make your own sundae” bar for dessert. Instead of a large cake, I serve cupcakes to go with the sundaes.

Try creating a den effect for the room the kids will sleep in. Hang curtains over the doorway and provide lots of blankets and pillows for guests.

Once dinner is over, have some games planned. Play board games, charades and even hide and seek – whatever your guests are up for. If the weather is warm enough to go outside in the dark, flashlight tag is a fun game.

As the evening wears on, the kids will need to start settling down, so get them into their sleeping bags and put on an age appropriate movie for them to watch. Make some popcorn and the evening’s done.

Keep an eye on them, particularly if you have any kids who have never been to a sleepover before. Some might get scared and have trouble falling asleep. Plus, you want to make sure that they don’t stay up all night, as many will have activities they need to be alert for the next day!

The next morning, I rouse them all at 8:30 for a pancake breakfast and their parents pick them up around 10:00.

Sleepovers are great fun. Many associate them with teenage girls and indeed, they are popular among that set. But, boys love sleepovers too and it’s a nice, inexpensive way to host a birthday party. When you’re ready to host a sleepover, check out for some great invitation ideas.

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