Feminine Birthday Invitations for Ladies

Women might be hard to please, but when it comes to a birthday celebration, pleasing a woman that you love is quite easy to do. As with all great events, the perfect birthday celebration begins by paying attention to those smaller details.

Birthday Details

What do birthday details entail? If you have ever planned any other large event, you may have some idea where to begin. You will have to think of entertainment, food, drink, guests, and the perfect location well in advance.

Most guests take approximately one month to make up their minds about a birthday celebration. Therefore, it makes sense to begin planning for a birthday at least three months in advance. This way, you can decide what food to serve, what kinds of drinks to have, and who to invite long before you ever even choose the right cake.

Speaking of cake, make sure that you select a cake that is important to your guest of honor. Or, select a theme that you can build the cake upon. One great theme for a woman that you might want to consider is polka dots. Polka dots are fun, colorful, and they happen to be entirely feminine.

Playful Polka Dots

If you like the idea of polka dots, start by adding a few to your cake design. Ask a skilled baker to prepare fondant formed polka dots for the birthday cake. Then, make sure to expand upon this theme by selecting polka dot streamers, décor, napkins, and even table cloths (depending upon the location that you choose).

While you don’t have to hire an event planner for a birthday party, if you are planning a large party, this might also be a good idea. Event planners have a way of incorporating lots of interesting ideas into any type of event. If you hire a planner you can ask them to get carried away with your polka dot theme.

Then again, you may decide to plan this event all on your own. Regardless, all great birthday parties begin with carefully selected invitations. Since an invitation will set the mood for the event itself, it is wise to choose invites that really shine…while also showing off your selected theme.

Pretty Feminine Invites

No matter how old the guest of honor is, all women enjoy pretty invitations. If you have decided upon polka dots for your theme, think about choosing invites that reflect this idea. Invitations that include polka dots and pretty turquoise details are perfect for any female birthday event.

Birthdays only come around once a year, which is why they must also be days to remember. If you are planning a party for a dear friend, make sure to include lots of well thought out details. Not only will your friend love the even that you planned, but they will know that your heart has gone into every last inch of their birthday celebration.

Remember to save one invitation for the guest of honor – she will be thrilled at the colorful invite that you choose. Celebrate life by putting together the perfect birthday party for your loved one.

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