Baby Shower Invitations As Keepsakes

Invitations are more than just event notices; they are beautiful, often artistic keepsakes to be stored, displayed and treasured well after the shower is over.

These tips and hints will help you properly preserve your invitations for years to come!


Scrapbooking has become one of America’s favorite pastimes in recent years. Whether you do your own scrapbooking or have a professional scrapbooker compile your collection for you, it is a fantastic way to keep and display your invitation.

Dedicate an entire page to your invitation. Have a few extra copies in case your first effort at mounting is unsuccessful. Choose a simple background to showcase the invitation and use only as many adornments and decorations as necessary to dress up the page.


This is the ideal preservation technique for those who wish to display the framed invitation as a piece of artwork in their home.

For a simple, classic feel, mount the invitation squarely on a solid, complimentary background. For variety, you might choose to first place the invitation on an angle on the mount and then set the invitation square to the frame.

Shadow boxes are a craft that comes and goes in popularity, but are great showcases for printed materials. Use a raised mount to bring the invitation closer to the front of the frame for a unique 3-D effect. Affix beads, silk flowers, pearls and other complimentary decorations to the mount around the invitation.

When framing, use acid and lignin free mounting supplies and photo paper for best results. This will keep the paper from yellowing and becoming brittle over time. Consider investing in conservation glass, a type of glass that blocks out the harmful UV rays that cause printing dyes to deteriorate faster.


If you find that you can’t decide what to do with your invitations right away, or simply want to save a few extra for the future, proper storage is crucial.

Never store your invitations in cardboard boxes. Sealed plastic containers offer more protection from dust and humidity. Place a sheet of acid free tissue or regular paper between the invitations and lay them as flat as possible in the container. Keep the container in a closet or cubby space in your home, free of drastic temperature changes and the risk of water damage.

Photo Albums

Until a few years ago, most of us tossed all of our photos into photo albums for safekeeping. However, the dangers of this practice are becoming well known as more and more people find their photos degrading quickly.

If you choose to create a photo album for the baby shower, choose one that is completely acid, lignin and PVC free. This means that the pages and page covers are made of materials that are free of the compounds that contribute to this rapid photo paper and dye deterioration.

Dedicate two pages beside each other to the invitation, RSVP and thank you cards. Arrange them carefully, using only flat embellishments to prevent damaging the pages.

With proper preparation, care and storage, you will enjoy these beautiful keepsakes well into your baby’s adulthood!

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