Traditional Versus Contemporary Birth Announcements

Whether your personal sense of style is strictly traditional, cutting-edge contemporary, or somewhere in between, there are a wide variety of birth announcement designs available to suit your growing family.

The style and colors you choose should be a reflection of your personality and tastes.

Traditional Birth Announcements

Selecting a traditional birth announcement doesn’t mean yours will be the same as everyone else’s. There are countless different designs within the traditional realm.

The most obvious and common trait of traditional birth announcements is the color choice. Announcements for boy babies are typically blue, with pink for their female counterparts. These colors may be displayed not only on the actual birth announcement, but also on the envelopes as welled. You might choose a pink envelope to match your announcement, or even a lined envelope for a more formal feel.

Traditional announcements may be adorned with a number of decorative touches. Photo announcements have become wildly popular; after all, what better way is there to dress up your announcement than by decorating it with an adorable picture of the new baby? Photos can be printed directly on the cards, or attached with photo corners used in scrapbooking.

You might also choose a design decorated with a ribbon or bow, a printed border or a scalloped edge. The stationery you choose could be pre-printed with a baby friendly design. The possibilities are endless!

Traditional birth announcements usually contain a short message and all of the important details about the new baby, such as:

Jada and Michael Johnson are overjoyed to share the news of their new arrival…
Michael Davis Johnson Jr.
May 11, 2007 at 8:29am
6 lbs 0 oz, 19 ¾”

Contemporary Birth Announcements

Contemporary announcements may differ in color, design and even in the written message on the announcement.

Hip, fun parents are choosing these non-traditional announcements more often as they want to create a keepsake that suits their family’s style, while sharing the news with their friends and family in their own special way.

Contemporary announcements can range from simplistic to cutesy to elegant, depending on the stationery, font and embellishments used. You might choose to add three dimensional scrapbook embellishments, or to craft your announcements on a deep burgundy or black and white stationery. You could have your other children write a special message for baby on the front of the card. The sky is the limit!

One word of caution: Try to avoid trendy, fad designs, such as those with a print that may look dated in a few years time.

Order Your Traditional or Contemporary Announcements Online

Birth announcement designers have listened to this generation of cool new parents and created a wide variety of contemporary announcements to choose from. Most online retailers offer both contemporary and traditional announcements to provide an option for every new parent.

Ordering online allows you to quickly browse through hundreds of designs to find just the right one and have them delivered right to your home!

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